Jan 23, 2012 Moda design team Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson, then Lynda Hall on color and primitive on American Patchwork & Quilting Radio interviewed by host Pat Sloan

Pat Sloan - Season 3 American Patchwork & Quilting Radio - Jan 23, 2012

Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Polly Minick Laurie Simpson guest
Guest - The sister design team of Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson create beautiful fabrics with Moda, awsome books with Kansas City Star and they do amazing work to raise funds for the Injured Marine Semper Fi project... we are going to a great chat with them today about all of it!

Website - http://www.minickandsimpson.com



Your Free pattern page http://www.minickandsimpson.com/pages/free_patterns.php

  Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Lynda Hall guest

Guest - It is always a joy to invite on a creative designer that is also a good friend. Lynda Hall and I share a passion for folk art and we discovered we have the same birthday. Today we'll find out how Lynda creates her amazing quilts!


Website http://www.primitivepiecesbylynda.com


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