July 15, 2013 Susan Emory and Christine Van Buskirk,Laurie Tigner and Kaye Wood with Host Pat Sloan on American Patchwork & Quilting Radio

Here is what you can look forward to on my show today!

Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Swirly Girls july guest
Guest - Susan Emory and Christine Van Buskirk worked together as quilt shop owner and manager, then combined their talents to form Swirly Girls Design. They create fabric, quilt patterns/book and they have designed some nifty tools for quilters too! I'm excited to introduce you to them and learn about how they work together. 


Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Laurie Tigner  july guest

Guest - Laurie Tigner is an award winning quilter. She not only designs patterns you and I would make, but she also creates one of a kind unique quilts to enter into shows. I love her work which is full of amazing detail. Laurie also quilts her own pieces (you can listen to my last interview with Laurie on Oct 1 2012). Today she is going to share about some of her techniques and share about her recent trip to Ireland to the quilt show!



Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Kaye Wood july guest

Guest - When I first started to quilt the only place 'online' to see quilting was TV.. ha! We had a few quilt shows and Kaye Wood was one of them. I asked Kaye to join me to tell me how she got started and talk about the different things she has done in the quilt world, plus she is going to share her Hexagon 'magic' with us, for those of you who love hexagons you might just have a new way of making them! 



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