Feb 3, 2014 Stitching with Kathleen Brown, to modern quilt with Debbie Grika, Science inspired quilts with Ali Winston and our first learning series with Nancy Mahoney with Pat Sloan

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Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Kathleen Brown Feb guest

Kathleen Brown of Mountian Patchwork has a the most adorable quilt designs. Many are projects you can do quickly for instant gratifications. She has also developed a super cool technique called Double stitch that adds such a nice texture to your quilt.


Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Debbie Grifka Feb guest

Debbie Grifka of Esch House Quilts is a booth I never miss at the trade show. Her clean bold design lines are super attractive. I love how she adds in a playful element that always makes me really think about the layout and go 'wow'! Maybe a turned triangle, a part that isn't the same fabric as other parts... you can always find a little surprise in Debbie's work. Debbie is going to chat with me about her design process, I can't wait!


Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Ali Winston Feb guest

Ali Winston is a designer and author of a new book called Quilt Lab from Stash books. Ali's website is a²(w) (read as "a squared w") where she writes about quilting, shares patterns, and has a cool feature called Stash Match.. plus I'm dying to get to know her because her favorite color is yellow and so is mine!


Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Nancy Mahoney Feb guest

Nancy Mahoney is an amazing quilt designer, fabric designer, instructor and editor for Martingale books! She has been on the show before and you all LOVED her information packed segment.  I asked Nancy to come back once a month this year so we can dig deep into topics to really do some detailed learning. (she also has a new book on circles)


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