Dec 8, 2014 Pat Sloan hosts American Patchwork and Quilting Radio

Pat Sloan: Bob Shaw, Virginia Lindsay, Sujata Shah and Nancy Mahoney Chat with Pat

American Patchwork and Quilting Pocast Bob Shaw Dec 2014

Antique quilts are the core of our heritage. I am always drawn to them and follow (or stalk) the curators, dealers and authors who write about antique quilts. Bob Shaw is a noted scholar, curator, and lecturer who has written several comprehensive books about quilts, some new and some antique. Such as Art Quilts: A Celebration, The Art Quilt, Hawaiian Quilt Masterpieces and American Quilts: The Democratic Art. His newest book is upgraded version of the American Quilts book, which has been out of print. I'm super excited to talk to Bob about this book.

American Patchwork and Quilting Pocast Virginia Lindsay Dec 2014

Have you ever thought about selling something you made? A quilt, table runners, maybe a bag? I started my business selling finished items at craft shows and I know if there had been some information about doing that I would have loved to have read it.  Virginia Lindsay sells finished goods and now patterns to make things at and she has written a great book called 'Sewing to Sell', beginner's guide to starting a craft business.  I can't wait to her about it today!

American Patchwork and Quilting Pocast Sujata Shah Dec 2014

Sujata Shah is the fiber artist and designer at The Root Connection. She creates amazing quilts using exciting fabric combinations that make me want to run to my sewing machine to stitch! Sujata is a new author with her first book called “CULTURAL FUSION Q U I L T S - A Melting Pot of Piecing Traditions.” I can't wait to have her tell us about how she creates quilts. 

American Patchwork and Quilting Pocast Nancy Mahoney Dec 2014

Nancy Mahoney has joining me monthly the whole year to chat in depth on topics! This has been so fun to have  good friend to talk with each month! For our last in depth talk of 2014, we decided to talk STORAGE and Organization!! I always want to spent the last few days of December getting my room organized so it seems fitting for a December talk.  I have asked Nancy to return in 2015 a few times to chat and she said yes, so happy!  And her pattern above is free at the link, a great strip quilt! 

Free pattern

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