Sept 14, 2015 Pat Sloan hosts American Patchwork and Quilting Radio

Pat Sloan Chats with Gudrun Erla, Christa Watson, and Jessica Alexandrakis

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 276 sept 14 2015

  • Gudrun Erla of GE Quilt Designs is back to chat with me about strip quilts.. she has such great patterns for using strips and new books to show you how to do it well. She has some super tips about how to get organized for working with strips so it's fast and fun!

  • The #1 topic you love to hear about is quilting your quilts. Either yourself, or sending them out, from designs to thread to what do I quilt questions, this is what you tell me you love to learn about. Christa Watson from Christa Quilts is an amazing quilter that loves to quilt her own quilts. She and I are going to chat about all the things you want to know, plus she has a new book to help you out!

  • Jessica Alexandrakis from Life Under quilts joins me again for a fun chat about getting started quilting. The last time we talked was 12/15/14 when we talked English Paper piecing and how to take it on the road! This time her new book 'Get Started Quilting' is all about learning, we have some amazing ideas for you!

. Pat sloan on the radio

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