Oct 22, 2018 American Patchwork & Quilting

From Vintage to new technology for quilting, my guests today span time, enjoy my show!

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American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 397 Toni Smith

I’m super excited for you to meet Toni Smith of Quiltoni. She is a designer with a passion for comic, computer games, and pixelated quilts. Her original patterns and finished quilts are so fun and very doable. She also runs a super fun tv channel on twitch and we are going to learn ALL about that!

Visit her at https://www.quiltoni.com/index.html

Her Twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/quiltoni

American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 397 Teddy Pruett

I’ve been a huge fan of Teddy Pruett’s quilts. She create vibrant quilts full of stories. As a writer, she weaves her stories in and around the images on her quilts. She also spent a lot of years as a quilt appraiser and there her knowledge of quilts and the stories they held grew deep. You’ll love her ‘no rules’ approach to making.

Visit her at https://www.teddypruett.com  

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