Nov 12, 2018 American Patchwork & Quilting

Guests Carol Jones, Mary Ellen Parsons, Sarah Elizabeth Sharp, and Sarah Morris join Pat for a chat!

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American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 399 Carol Jones

If you love to read you will love my guest, not only is she a quilt maker but she writes novels about them too! Carol Dean Jones books are the mystery series called a ‘Cozy’, easy to read and they come with a pattern, so fun!


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American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 399 Mary Ellen Parsons

Sometimes I find my guests in unique ways. I was on vacation chatting with some other guests in a wine bar on a ship. My new friend was telling us they love to travel to wineries and had I been to Parsonage Winery in Carmel Valley, CA where the labels were quilts? Of course I had to find out about this and today, I have quilt maker Mary Ellen Parsons here!

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American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 399 Sarah Elizabeth Sharp

Sarah Elizabeth Sharp is a talented quilt maker and author at the website ‘NoHatsInTheHouse’. I love reading about her process and thoughts as she shares her projects at her website. Today we’ll dive into some paper piecing design, her new book is fabulous!

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American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 399 Sarah Morris

I love hearing that teachers use quilting in the classroom. Sarah Morris is an 8th grade math teacher in Tennessee and she has a barn quilts project her class is doing that is so good, I had to have her share with us!

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