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Have you ever wondered where some people get their inspiration for the Christian books they write? Join our show host, servant-leader, author interviewer and fellow life traveler - J Douglas Barker, as you take the pilgrimage together and get the story behind the story!

With a passion for "all things creative" - J Douglas Barker is an accomplished Actor, Singer and Audio Producer. With over 35 years of studio excellence. He can be heard worldwide through his current efforts as producer and talent for Toginet Radio Network. Voice Actor Credits have included a CBS "Movie of the week" along with countless commercials and studio work for a variety of regional and national accounts, including the Focus on the Family, Disney Companies, Churches Chicken, United Technologies, and many others. J Douglas has been involved with broadcast consulting, public speaking, sales, and marketing; along with being a Sunday school teacher, husband, and father. He is still married to his college bride, they have two children and love traveling to Europe and are planning return trips in the future.

Go with J Douglas as he looks behind the curtain and delves into the books and stories whether they be inspirational, children's books, doctrinal, mysteries or historical. You'll get to hear the authors talking about their books and the journey behind how it all began. Take the opportunity to hear the insights on what inspired them to write the stories that will inspire you.

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