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Jen CokenJen Coken is a life coach and stand-up comedian who has coached thousands of people for nearly 20 years to go beyond their self-made limitations and produce breakthrough results. She uses humor to help her clients transition through tough times to rediscover their joy, purpose and passion.  

After losing her Mom to ovarian cancer in 2011, Jen wrote a book about her journey, aptly titled “When I Die, Take My Panties.” In the book, Jen helps readers discover the gifts in their own lives, and find the motivation and courage to have heartfelt conversations with the people they love, right here, right now. 

Jen’s motto is “Live every day as if it’s your FIRST!”

Prior to being a life coach, comedian, author and voice-over talent, Jen spent 30 years working in politics at the local, state and national level. Currently Jen lives in Maryland. If she isn’t on a trail hiking or biking, you’ll find her in her kitchen cooking up a new recipe with her latest finds from the local farmer’s market.

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Heart WorldFounder and President of True Life Enterprises – Clarence Caldwell is a Nationally Recognized Business Coach, Life Mentor & Speaker –

As a former Fortune 100 Executive Clarence has built a business around helping leaders create success in their careers while staying connected to their true self.

Being an effective coach in transformation, spirituality, family issues, conflict resolution, visioning, empowerment and personal performance,

Clarence has helped thousands of people realize their gifts and achieve their goals.

Starting life as an inner city kid at risk living in poverty, Clarence knows all too well what it looks like and feels like to have little hope of achieving greatness in this world.

The spiritual and transformational principles he used in his own rise are what his clients receive and use in their own success journeys. Clarence’s company, True Life Enterprises has become a beacon of light illuminating the path to having it all - at work and at home.

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