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Kirsten AndersonKirsten Anderson’s career has always followed the fun — from helping out in her mom’s preschool, corporate beginnings in movie theatre management, to 25 years as an entrepreneur in the toy industry. She opened her own toy store, curating the best quality toys and games from around the world. Quickly she became known as Canada’s white-lab-coat-wearing Toyologist, the go-to source of advice for play on Global News.

After traveling the world in search of precious playthings, winning National Toy Store of the year, and a ballooning obsession with pouring over child development and play research, it was time for a change. Kirsten sold her beloved toy store and took a leap into the unknown with an evolved mission of bringing the benefits of play primarily to children, expanding it to adults who she sees are also experiencing a serious play and fun deficit — especially at work.

With this lifelong love of playing with ideas and problems Kirsten played to her strengths to create social change and unlock potential in teams founding Integrate Play Solutions. Engagement and creativity are foundations in all of her Lego® Serious Play® and Empathy Toy facilitations, professional speaking, training and coaching to organizations, education, and communities globally. For those companies interested in increasing their bottom line Kirsten speaks to Creativity/Innovation, Leadership, Curiosity, Culture, and the playful mindset.

Always a passionate advocate of play for children while also breaking down barriers to playfulness for adults, Kirsten is building bridges to success one fun (LEGO®) block at a time.

Find Kirsten on Twitter: @KirstenAtPlay and Facebook: Integrate Play Solutions

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