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Are you an art enthusasit, parent of an artist, or an artist yourself?

Artist Lisa Horlander and her art buddies share stories about their experiences, tips they would tell their younger selves, and answer questions from you the listeners!

Lisa Horlander is a Dallas Texas based, mixed media artist whose installation work and shaped paintings explore spaces in between and within. 

Lisa Horlander is a mixed media artist whose work explores visual spaces in-between and within. She includes unconventional materials to bring content to her work about moments in time, our impact on the environment, as well as connect shared experiences within a community.

Horlander is currently a Studio Artist, Founder, and Curator of Inbetween Studios in Tyler, TX. She was part of Cohort 2 with the Cedars Union in Dallas where she was both a Studio Artist as well as part of their Curatorial Committee. She participated in the Summer Residency Program at New York University in 2018. Horlander has exhibited her work spanning the US most recently with The Tyler Museum of Art, Chaos! 8 at Ro2 Art in Dallas, The Other Art Fair Dallas, and Janette Kennedy Gallery in Dallas.

“I am constantly curious about the green spaces within cities, especially ones tucked away between pedestrian hubs. I explore these areas and document, with Plein-air sketches, what type of plants survive between homes or businesses, along with the surrounding architecture. These observations inform my paintings and sculptures which focus on bringing awareness to the spaces in between and within ecosystems and time.” -Lisa Horlander

Lisa Horlander and her guest Kristin Moore

On this episode Lisa chats with painter Kristin Moore! NDA 2019 Finalist - A native Texan, Moore completed her MFA at Otis College of Art & Design...

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Artwork Archive -how to improve your art career

Lisa Horlander and her guest Katie Carey, talk about Artwork Archive and how it helps artists navigate the art world and build an organized art...

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An etx Creatives the Podcast flashback, with Lisa Horlander and her guest Addie Moore!

Lisa Horlander and her guest Addie Moore share an etx Creatives the Podcast flashback! Follow her art on Instagram @addiethenomadand on her website...

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Lisa Horlander and her guest Ingrid Horner

Ingrid Horner is a painter focused on abstractions which incorporate bright colors in crisp harmonized forms. She received her degree in Fashion...

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Lisa Horlander and her guest Thomas Flynn II

Thomas Flynn II is a multimedia artist working primarily with acrylic and traditional inks focusing on color relationships, the physical nature of...

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