Lisa Horlander and her guest Cat Rigdon

Represented by Goetze Art & Design in Memphis, Tennessee and Ro2 Art in Dallas, Texas, 

Cat Rigdon is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Dallas, Texas. She grew up on the island of Cyprus, the island’s strong folk art and naturalism culture is reflected in Rigdon’s work. She graduated from Texas State University in 2014 and moved to Dallas as a Decorative Arts Junior Specialist and Cataloger for Heritage Auctions. She left the auction house after a serious head injury to pursue a studio-based lifestyle. Her obsessively repetitive works deal with her continuous recovery from the brain injury, the mythology of growing up on the island of Cyprus, and artifacts from being an auction cataloger.


Fair Director’s Pick, The Other Art Fair - Dallas, Texas.                                                   

The Clare Hart DeGolyer Memorial Fund Award, Dallas Museum of Art.

Award of Excellence, The Laughlin-Beers Foundation, Austin, Texas.


Paper City Design Award, Art Direction for Residential Interior Design, Dallas, Texas.

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