Lisa Horlander and her guest Matthew Bowdon

Lisa Horlander and her guest Matthew Bowdon talk about the importance of having a strong art community and how The Cedars Union came about.

Matthew Bowdon is the Creative Director and co-founder of The Cedars Union, an Arts Incubator in the Cedars neighborhood of South Dallas, which provides studio space, tools, and programs to support emerging makers, designers, and creatives in becoming financially sustainable and successful in their practice.

Matthew is also the Lead Designer of Dalahast Studios which he co-founded with his sister, fibers artist and furniture designer Megan R. Bowdon Wilkinson. The Fort Worth, TX. based Industrial Design studio which they call “The Compound” serves as both workshop and gallery and merges their backgrounds in furniture, production, and industrial design. His practice incorporates cutting edge processes like, additive manufacturing, CNC machining, and rapid conceptual CAD with a mixture of sustainably sourced traditional materials, modern composites and plastics. The studio’s work focuses on high end commercial and residential custom furniture, housewares and hardware, utilizing short-run, lean manufacturing techniques to maximize the output of their small studio. He graduated in 2008 from Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Industrial Design. He builds custom cars with whatever time he has left over, and lives in Dallas

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