Resolving Obesity at its Roots

Resolving Obesity at its Roots: The 9 conflicts programming for obesity: With obesity rates continuing to skyrocket, we review on this show the 9 key emotional conflicts programming for obesity to help listeners understand why we get fat. Even though genetics and lifestyle may play a role, the major drivers of obesity and illness in general are unresolved biological conflicts affecting us at a brain level and tissue level but hard to track down because they hide in the subconscious. They create a "blind spot " hard for anyone afflicted to discern and resolve unless they gain the necessary insights. The information discussed in this show is also reviewed in detail in my book "Bringing Sexy Back - Transform the Body you Have into the Body you Want"; and "Heal Thyself - Transform your Life, Transform your Health" available on line at Also check out our package specials for weight loss - on the same website. - See the weight loss package and the weight loss support package. You can also contact us for the BHCG Weight loss package for those wanting to be a lot more aggressive at 903.939.2069.

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