Thermography and your Health

Are you interested in getting a leg up on disease in your body, especially some of the more serious health concerns that so many are being diagnosed with these days?

We are all inundated with warnings about this or that cancer and the need for screenings such as mammography, yet many people are concerned about issues like excessive radiation actually contributing to an increased risk of cancer and the fact that traditional screening methods are often unable to find disease at its earliest stages when it is easier to treat.

Listen to this program to learn everything you need to know about this extraordinary diagnostic tool that makes a big difference in giving us early indications that things are going wrong in the body before a scary diagnosis befalls you. Also learn about what can be done to clear these problems before they become searios, life threatening health challenges.

With us on the show will be Dr. Carolyne Yakaboski, Naturopathic Physician and thermographer.


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