Friday 23rd of October 2020
Connections Expert DeeDee Lake joins Cathy to talk about how do we keep our daughter’s hearts and souls safe in this crazy world. No matter how destructive our culture gets, there’s hope for parents, according to DeeDee. What’s next for teenage girls? How do we create the right conversations with our daughters? DeeDee’s passion is communication and connection. There’s a reason she has a heart for teen and preteen girls. Don’t miss what this funny, tenderhearted expert has to say about pre-empting the culture’s destructive pull to guard the heart and soul of your daughter.
Saturday 17th of October 2020
Cathy is not waiting for Thanksgiving to thank God for champion warrior women, like Rosie MaKinney. Rosie joined Cathy to talk about “porn-proofing” your kids. Hollywood seems to claim October for evil and destruction in the name of entertainment. Our culture throws all kinds of yucky stuff at families, especially at our most vulnerable children. Rosie shares the science behind why parents need to pay attention to the threat for both their sons and daughters. She also joyfully brings resources and practical ideas to keep our kids and grandkids safe. Today, we’re reclaiming October to safeguard our kids! Don’t miss this content-packed episode with one of the leading experts on this crucial topic.
Saturday 10th of October 2020
Rosie Makinney joins Cathy to talk seriously about what takes to free our families of all the problems associated with “porn addiction.” Cathy is so pleased to bring you the story and wisdom of a champion in the Fight For Love. “What I’d heard were these sort of scandalizing stories in the tabloids of celebrities doing, you know, deep and dark things. It all seemed a little sordid and scary," Rosie says. Folks can put out movies exploiting young girls in dance class, but we can’t talk about how to reclaim our homes? Can you believe it! Marriages, children, churches, and communities are fed a steady stream of Big P saturating our eyes, ears, and hearts. It feels impossible to escape. Really? No way! Join us now for great news on how to claim freedom in your home and life!
Saturday 3rd of October 2020
In this episode, Ellen interviews her mom! And they laugh pretty hard about some silly, personal stuff. Plus, Cathy confesses she feels really nervous. Ellen asks great questions to prompt her mom to share the nitty-gritty, personal stories about her relationship with both her mom and her dad (Ellen's grandparents). Tune in for a very authentic, spontaneous conversation about how having a few strategies can lead to life-changing conversations. Cathy tells the truth about why she NEVER wanted to look closely at the woman at the well, much less pull over 40 communication principles out of the story! Not in a million years did she think this Bible story would be her first book!
Sunday 27th of September 2020
Cathy and her co-host, Anna Krafve Pierce, ALWAYS come from the place of keeping life easier for MOM! That’s right. Being Mom is hard enough without guilt trips. Are you groaning under the weight of textbooks and assignments? if so, you are NOT alone. With only one month down and eight more to go, how can you lighten your own load? Time travel. Quiet moments with your kids. DIY curriculum. Listen in now, as Cathy and Anna chat about one of their favorite, easiest ways to inspire joy and responsibility in self-learning.
Tuesday 1st of September 2020
Spending time on social media today? Dr. Angie Ruark and Cathy talk about how to build a life around women praying powerfully. Want your own sisterhood of warrior women who pray? A wonderful sisterhood of spiritual warrior women exists to serve each other, especially by praying it forward. For instance, once you get your kids raised and out the door a marvelous thing happens. You suddenly have more energy to do the things you always dreamed of doing. Angie knows first hand what it’s like to suddenly realize you already know the women you need. Are you building a social media platform? Or a catapult? Tune in now for Dr. Angie’s wisdom!
Saturday 29th of August 2020
Angie Ruark has a knack for attracting spiritual warrior women into her life. Whether it’s her friends, her fellow-writers, or her daughters-in-law! She joins Cathy to talk about what happens when spiritual warrior women pray. There’s got to be an irony in here somewhere. How does the mother of three boys become an expert at attracting spiritual warrior women to pray? “God made it very clear to me there were lots of spiritual warrior women I already knew. When I see someone I know, their gifts just stand out.” She shares her secrets for recognizing the good women God sends your way. If you're wondering how God works through other women, don't miss this episode!
Sunday 23rd of August 2020
Author Lindsey Bell returns to share tender insight about how we weather pain unbeaten. We can come out better for suffering. In the process, she shares stories of people who comforted her when she experienced four miscarriages back-to-back. What did Lindsey learn from the tender comfort offered by God through His people? If anyone you know is suffering, or if your heart is broken, you will want to tune in to hear Lindsey speak from her victorious heart.
Friday 14th of August 2020
Author and mom Lindsey Bell joins Cathy to talk about surviving wrenching pain unbeaten. When you marry your high school sweetheart, you don’t picture a future that includes miscarriage. Most people avoid pain. But what if you can’t? Today’s episode is dedicated to four beautiful kids in heaven, Eden, Jesse, Ella, and Jadon. Lindsey shares about how she faced down four miscarriages, honors the babies she lost, and offers encouragement to other people when they are in pain. If you or someone you love is suffering, don’t miss the comfort Lindsey shares!
Sunday 9th of August 2020
Cathy and Anna share one of the top secrets of truly successful homeschooling parents--getting our kids to enjoy learning for themselves. If you can get your children to teach themselves everyone wins! Teachers, parents, and best of all the kids themselves! Not only that, you equip your kids for success throughout life. Why? Because every truly successful leader is a natural self-learner. Most leaders read several books a month. Wow! So, how do you get your child to love learning so much they seek to educate themselves? You may be surprised at how easy it truly is!
Tuesday 4th of August 2020
“I didn’t expect it would be so hard,” Brooke Frick says. Then she and Cathy break into giddy laughter. You can see why we love this author and mother of five. Motherhood is one thing. Motherhood times five? Oh, my! As Brooke shares, you may notice a pattern of encouragement. She loves to talk about how to depend on God's strength when we feel weak. If life is feeling like a drudge, Brooke's humor and honesty may be just the boost you need! Don't miss a chance to laugh along with these two fun women!
Monday 27th of July 2020
Mother of five and author, Brooke Frick comes on the show to talk abut her life with her Hands Full. You will love her humor and authenticity as much as we do! Brooke is living proof that even when we feel down, God’s good plans can strengthen us for the adventure He has in store for our families. Is a good day just getting a shower and some clean clothes on mom? If you're wondering how you'll make it through another day of unmade beds, laundry, and dirty tissues, Brooke's encouragement will include the laughter and insight you need!
Monday 20th of July 2020
Anna and Cathy talk family stories, hilarious history, and architecture on this episode. How do we hand down family values from the air-conditioned comfort of our cars? Can a tour of your hometown convey tons of fun history so your kids do better in their school work? Do the bricks on your house or the furniture inside tell their own stories? You bet! Take a stroll down memory lane. Help yourself to a little drive-through education. If you're tapping your nails in anticipation of school opening back up, don't miss this chance to teach your children some life-changing lessons packages as pure fun.
Monday 13th of July 2020
Deb Butterfield joins Cathy to talk frankly about what it means to forgive someone who has sexually abused your daughter. And what forgiveness is NOT. What will your life look like now? Will your daughter forgive you? Has God forgotten you? Will your brain ever un-fog? Who can you trust? Deb includes practical tips for maintaining some kind of normalcy in crisis. She tenderly encourages us to know our families can heal. In fact, she and Cathy even laugh--yes, laugh--throughout this gentle conversation filled with comfort for the broken-hearted mom still reeling from the trauma. If you think life will never be the same, listen in now as Deb describes healed lives and what hope looks like after sexual abuse.
Monday 6th of July 2020
Author, editor, and friend, Deb Butterfield joins Cathy to share her personal story of discovering someone she loved had been sexually abusing her daughter. Over twenty years ago, the worst nightmare a mother can imagine unfolded in Deb's life. This warrior-hearted woman discovered the unthinkable. A strong believer and military veteran, Deb explores the emotions a woman feels in the worst trauma a family can experience. She offers understanding to the rest of us as she answers important questions. How can a mom miss the signs? What should Christian friends say--or not say? When does the pain subside? If you or someone you know is experiencing this kind of trauma, you don't want to miss this information-packed episode!
Tuesday 30th of June 2020
Anna joins Cathy to talk about the "other verses" of some of their favorite patriotic hymns. If you ever wondered if American patriots loved God over the centuries tune in for this lively discussion. Not only that, Anna throws in some of her trademark creative tips for inspiring kids to love God and country. In a world that seems to be falling apart because people can't agree, Cathy and Anna find highlight the Biblical ideas that bind Americans together. Don't miss this tribute to the faith of our Fathers.
Monday 22nd of June 2020
Educator and co-host Anna Krafve Pierce joins Cathy to talk about being fearless in the face of failure. True Grit isn’t about being extra brave or stubborn. Okay, maybe it’s a little bit of raw stubbornness. But, really true grit is about being fearless in the face of failure. How do we teach our children to get back up when they fall down? Whether its potty training toddlers or standing up for what is right, we all need a little fearlessness to face down our momentary challenges. Life demands true grit out of all of us along the way. If you're wondering how to process all that's happening on our culture, you're going to love what Anna shares about inspiring true grit in our kids everyday.
Monday 15th of June 2020
Dr. Stan Ward joins Cathy to offer some practical advice from his own experience with managing home, work, and caregiving, all simultaneously. Many people think burn-out is a work thing, but, um, there’s more to the story. So, how do we refuel our hearts when burn-out strikes? If you’re sputtering for air, Stan points out there’s no shame in burn-out. Stan gives great advice from his own personal experience with burn-out. Plus, he comes at it from a scientific, data-driven perspective because the guy's , well, really smart. Don't miss this episode for the encouragement we all really need to restore our joy!
Tuesday 9th of June 2020
You could say Dr. Stan Ward is an accidental expert on burn-out. “When our school receptionist met me with a worried look as I came to work, I knew something was wrong,” he writes in an article for Crosswalk, “‘Stan, Mindy's been in an accident.’” Stan joins Cathy to talk about how life as he knew it came to a crashing halt. Soon, he was caring for their two young daughters, making meals, doing laundry, working full time, finishing his doctorate, and going to therapy with his beloved wife. Phew! Stan shares about beating burn out from his personal experience. If life's got you running ragged, you don't want to miss this!
Friday 15th of May 2020
Paula Silva joins Cathy to talk about how we can be there for sisters who face domestic violence.She offers us lots of practical wisdom, including how we can make the church a safe place for folks to get help. Paula has made it her mission to help churches educate themselves, but she'll tell you it's God doing all the work! If you love your church and want to start a healthy conversation on this difficult topic, you'll love what Paula shares. Don't miss this information-packed episode with one of the nation's leading authorities on the subject of domestic violence, especially in the church.
Monday 11th of May 2020
National expert on domestic violence Paula Silva joins Cathy to talk about what we need to know to be alert. She includes a chilling reaction by her pastor when she shared with him about the domestic violence she experienced in her home. There is a warning in her story for all of us who love God and love His Church. How can we be on guard against domestic violence—the silent attack—especially in the church pews? Paula’s story informs us on how to help those who need to break free.
Wednesday 6th of May 2020
For Mother's Day, Cathy and her daughter, Anna Krafve Pierce, get together to talk about how hospitable hearts bless everyone! All women struggle with feeling unworthy. We hear this over and over in interviews with amazing successful women who’ve conquered tons of stuff. So how do we offer our own hearts the same kind of welcome we want to give others? By welcoming others into our hearts and lives. Our children become more confident when they see the value God puts on all people. Anna gets really practical about how that looks in our daily lives, especially when friendships don't work out the way we expected. She even includes games and hilarious questions to teach your teenagers so they can start up great conversations, like, what to ask your prom date! Listen in now!
Sunday 26th of April 2020
Petticoats showing? Spinach in your teeth? Tammy Whitehurst joins Cathy to laugh about the real struggles all women face. The temptation to look perfect is real. However, perfectionism doesn’t make people run to you. It’s going to make people run from you. “When loneliness builds up, anxiety will creep in. What happens is we fall into a comparison trap.” It can feel like somehow God overlooked us. “We have to stop worrying about being bulletproof,” emphasizes Tammy. “We can’t take everything the world heaps upon us.” How do we honor God's divinity in our humanity? Don’t miss what this hilarious, tender lady has to say!
Thursday 16th of April 2020
Ever wonder if you suffer from “Marth-itis,” not arthritis? Joy for the Journey’s Tammy Whitehurst joins Cathy to laugh together about life’s challenges. Tammy shares how a heart incident in her 30s got her attention. “The Lord began to change my heart,” she says. He put her on a path of influence and collaboration she never could have anticipated. She shares how successful women everywhere can find the “calm in the chaos”! If your goal today is to finish strong, you’ll love what this hilarious lady shares!
Monday 23rd of March 2020
Cathy welcomes Ashley Kutach, author of the book Blind Spots: What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us. Revealing a common trend among leaders, Ashley shares the best ways to release ourselves from the negative affects of stereotyping. She talks about how to overcome blind spots with self-awareness. She gives her quick list of questions to pinpoint the way blind spots may be holding us back. If you've ever wondered how to know the difference between self awareness and perfectionism, you're going to love Ashley's simple diagnosis!
Thursday 19th of March 2020
Blind Spot author Ashley Kutach shares how trying out a new skill set can spark new confidence. Stereotyped by her natural shyness as a child, she accidentally volunteered to do some public speaking in elementary school. What a transformative experience! Now she specializes in coaching other leaders, bringing all her human resource and facilitating experience to bear for us in this episode. Thinking of trying something new? Her thoughts on the way we develop self-awareness will encourage you to step out into your next venture! Don't miss the gentle encouragement offered by this tender-hearted, wise leader!
Sunday 15th of March 2020
Toie Martin joins Cathy to break down the 5 steps of all change. “Once I say them, you’re going to say, ‘dah,’” she jokes. But, honestly, I learned a ton from this gifted teacher, business consultant, speaker, and trained nurse. Toie noticed the five steps underlying all change while she was implementing Lean Six Sigma in multimillion dollar companies overseas. Now she's sharing about to get past our brain's natural aversion to change. No one should live joylessly living paycheck to paycheck. With humor, she shares a lifetime of wisdom about creating the life you always wanted. I you're ready to make a lasting positive change, don't miss her wonderful insight!
Monday 9th of March 2020
Leadership guru and change expert Toie Martin joins Cathy to talk about how to go from your dreadful to your dreamy job. When Toie got her first bad boss after loving nursing for over ten years, she knew it was time for a change. She can laugh about it now, but at the time change felt scary. Have you ever felt stuck in your job? What about relationships going off course no matter how hard you try? Toie even encourages Cathy about weight lost and regained. If you're looking to make positive change with lasting impact, don't miss this episode!
Thursday 5th of March 2020
Cathy gleans ideas from Anna about taking your family camping the easy way. Do you like air conditioning and real bathrooms? Do you dread gearing up for a camp out? Or do you go all in with enthusiasm? No matter how you feel about camping, Anna and Cathy offer up the quick and easy way to give your children memories for a lifetime! Cathy shares her silly bunkbed hammock idea and confesses she failed at camping. Anna talks about the memories and the fun in spite of her mom's mess ups. Do you have what it takes to camp with your kids? Yes! Camping is easier than you may think!
Monday 17th of February 2020
Blogger Caralyn from joins Cathy to talk about how families and churches need to talk about eating disorders. Caralyn shares all the wisdom she's gained personally in this open conversation about the ways anorexia affects sufferers. These two compassionate women talk boldly about the symptoms and much more. How can Christians bring up such a tender subject at home or at church? If someone you know seems to be suffering, don't wait. People need to take quick action to help. Listen in as Caralyn shares important information here.
Friday 7th of February 2020
Ever wonder if true love is only a fairy tale? Anna joins Cathy to brainstorm ways we can instill loyalty and faithfulness into the hearts of our children. No matter the age of your kids, these ideas will put them on the path to true love. Don't miss the fun as this mother and daughter combo share stories and insight about what it takes to raise kiddos prepared to love for a lifetime. Plus, Anna shares hilarious and easy ways to bless the man in your life this Valentine's Day. How to define romance to fit your family's lifestyle? Don't miss her answers!
Friday 3rd of January 2020
Known for her soul-baring blog, BeautyBeyondBones's Caralyn joins Cathy to talk about Anorexia. “Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses," she declares. In this episode, she shares the spiritual battle to get victory in the face of an eating disorder. If you suspect someone you love is suffering from an eating disorder, don’t wait to get help. Truly, sufferers need to be under professional care immediately, according to Caralyn. She shares her own story with courage, compassion, and wisdom. If you or someone you love is affected by anorexia, please listen in now to this tender conversation.
Thursday 2nd of January 2020
Can't put the book down til it's finished? We get it! Anna Krafve Pierce joins her mom to talk about how her beloved grandmother, Ann Primer, inspired flashlight readers for four generations and counting. If you've ever been tempted to keep reading after curfew, you're gonna laugh along with these two incorrigible bibliophiles! Want some fresh tips on inspiring your own kiddos and grands to love books as much as you do? Tune in as these two ladies dish about all things literary!
Monday 23rd of December 2019
Retired pastor James Dill, founder of The Shepherd's Heart, joins Cathy with tips forfending trustworthy friends and mentors. Filled with personal stories, Pastor James even shares the vulnerable moment when, after years of serving in ministry, he realized he still needed to forgive his dad. He's convinced burn out and discouragement are trials that face us all as we pursue the calling God has on our lives. You'll love the victorious end of the story about his dad (especially here at the holidays with family time approaching (looming? wink, wink!). His wisdom refreshes and energizes us for the victory God prepares for us today!
Friday 20th of December 2019
Who lives in Sunday school classrooms?! Retired Pastor James Dill, Founder of The Shepherd's Heart, joins Cathy to tell personal stories from a lifetime of leadership. He's convinced everyone faces discouragement and burn-out, especially those who follow a calling from the Lord. Pastor James shares candidly about how lay leaders and pastors can come together to spread blessings all across American communities. If you're wondering what you can do to promote unity and compassion in your community, you'll love what this good man shares!
Sunday 8th of December 2019
Want a little holiday romance under your tree this year? Romance novelist and expert Catherine Ulrich Brakefield joins Cathy to talk about how commitment sparks up romance in the real world! Can true love still happen? You bet! Catherine shares her insight about what it takes to create a tug-of-war, give-and-take love story worth fighting for. You'll love what this skillful writer has to say about creating the environment where love lasts a lifetime. Prepare to be encouraged!
Saturday 7th of December 2019
Ever wonder if romantic dreams come true? Yes! According to romance expert Catherine Ulrich Brakefield, dreams do come true. She joins Cathy to talk about what makes for happy endings. Catherine takes us back in time to the day over forty years ago when she met the man of her dreams. Although, she had no idea the handsome sailor sitting next to her would propose in less than a week! Don't miss this epic love story, told by a master romance writer!
Monday 2nd of December 2019
Michelle Medlock Adams joins Cathy to share her best wisdom for joy and victory, even when we feel like a hot mess today! Holding nothing back, Michelle shares personal stories about how God grows our faith, while we wait patiently (or not-so-patiently) on him! How do we start our day with the Lord when it feels too hard to get out of bed? Is it okay to retreat to the bathroom alone?! Seriously. You'll laugh with Michelle. And you'll feel ready to get back in there and speak blessings over your family. Don't miss what this game-changing, belly-laughing friend has to say about standing against the enemy for the victory!
Friday 29th of November 2019
Michelle Medlock Adams joins Cathy to share how God miraculously opened the doors to let her write children's book. If you’re thinking, "I’ve always wanted to write children’s book. Now that my kids are no longer toddlers or now that my kids have kids of their own, I finally get to write for children," this interview will encourage you to trust God with your dream. Perhaps you've read Platinum Faith or any of Michelle's other 90+ books (yes, that's ninety!!), you'll want to hear the personal update she shares about her grandson, Bear. With trust in the One who loves us tenderly, Michelle calls down his promises on us all! You won't want to miss the way this victorious friend sparks up the energy in life!
Sunday 24th of November 2019
Dr. Dany Sessums joins Cathy to offer his best tips for raising history loving kiddos. And he does some of the interview in an Irish accent! He shares how his love of history snagged him roles in multiple documentaries, movies, and television series. “As luck would have it—and I mean my life has been luck, but I’m gonna say God inspired luck—a Hollywood producer saw that (performance) and gave me a call. I’m gonna tell you, I thought it was a friend of mine pulling a joke on me at the time,” laughs Danny. “He said, ‘We’re gonna do a series of movies, called North and South.” Do you wish you knew more history? Are you installing a love of history in the hearts of your own children? Don;t miss what this well-respected Antebellum expert has to say!
Saturday 23rd of November 2019
Growing up a history nerd wasn’t easy for Danny Sessums. He joins Cathy to share his story and tips for raising history-loving kids at your house. As a youngster, Danny found an unusual fossil and his love for all things historic was born. The local newspaper picked up the story. “I became known as Dinosaur Dan,” laughs Danny. Television Consultant, Antebellum Authority, Professor, Museum Designer, Author. With so many titles, who would believe Danny grew up with a bootlegger for a dad? You won't want to miss what this hilarious guest shares about the challenges of raising history-loving kids!
Tuesday 5th of November 2019
Co-host Anna Krafve Pierce joins Cathy to talk about ways to pass down a love of country to the next generation. Veteran's Day is a favorite holiday for this mother daughter duo, so they have plenty to share. They offer inspirational ideas about why we honor our heroes. Plus, silly to serious, there's no end to the fun we can create for our families around this profoundly personal holiday. If you want to teach your kiddos to love country and respect the sacrifices made for freedom, please tune in!
Friday 11th of October 2019
Thinking about cheap and easy homemade costumes for your kids this year? Anna Krafve Pierce brainstormed some terrific costume ideas for us. Pirates or princesses? Fire fighters or fall fairies? Soldiers or super heroes? Don't miss the fun as Anna explains how dressing up can be a significant part of helping your children imagine their amazing future!
Saturday 14th of September 2019
First Liberty’s Lathan Watts joins Cathy to report on recent Supreme Court wins for religious liberty. Any threat to religious liberty seems scary. When it comes to matters of faith, we all want to follow our own consciences. Attacks on our faith—or our lack of it—feel un-American. So, what’s up next in the battle for securing religious liberty? “We are very busy which means there are a lot of attacks on religious liberty going on around the country. But, we’re also winning, so that’s the good news.” First Liberty is the nation’s largest legal organization exclusively dedicated to defending religious liberty. Plus, they never charge their clients! If you want to know what is happening in the battle to secure religious liberty, you’ll want to tune in for Lathan’s eyewitness account.
Sunday 8th of September 2019
Defending religious liberty all the way to the Supreme Court takes up a ton of Lathan Watts’s mental energy. An attorney with First Liberty, one of the nation’s foremost defender of religious liberty, Lathan joins Cathy so she could get a bead on instilling a love of religious liberty in the younger generations. You’ll love his passion and sense of humor. Lathan sports an insider’s view of where the battle lines are drawn on the issue of religious liberty. Plus, he shared his personal book list for raising liberty loving kids. You won’t want to miss this constitutional scholar’s thoughts on how we protect our religious liberty!
Tuesday 3rd of September 2019
In this episode, Jeanette Hanscome shares authentically about all the wisdom she gained as she went through divorce. Everyone who ever goes through divorce wonders if their kids will be okay. Jeanette addresses this common fear and many others with practical insight from her hard-won experience. Wonder if your church friends will be judge-y? What do you say to someone going through divorce? Are you struggling with how much to tell your friends about an extremely private crisis? You'll love what Jeanette shares her straight from her heart. This is one you'll want to share with friends! Don't miss it!
Saturday 31st of August 2019
Jeanette Hanscome joins Cathy to talk about how divorce impacted her life with her kids. Author of Suddenly Single Mom, Jeanette shares authentically about all the fears and tender moments associated with going through a divorce. Since, she's visually impaired, Jeanette learned a ton about how to ask friends for help, how keeping a record of blessings changes everything, and how our own attitudes as moms can impact the kids in a positive way. If you're going through a divorce or know someone who is, you won't want to miss Jeanette's practical insight!
Wednesday 14th of August 2019
Could raising confident girls be as easy as planning a tea time anytime? Yes! This week, Anna joined me to share what she’s learning about teaching her young daughter to be comfortable in ALL social settings. Anna even talks about "rejection-proofing" your child. If you want to prepare your daughter to engage with women of all varieties, no matter where in the world God leads her, you'll love Anna's easy tips. We believe you'll want to share her thoughts with all you friends! It's as easy as serving tea! So, grab yourself a hot beverage and listen in now!
Saturday 3rd of August 2019
Ah, the relief of back to school! A plan for success each day! Suddenly, weekdays fall into place and weekends gain savored freedom. Kids groan. Moms rejoice. Whether you taxi your children to school or prepare to homeschool, you’ll love Anna’s back to school ideas for success. Want to avoid fashion miscalculations? Pack a lunch they'll be excited to open? Prepare them to make real friends and handle the dumb stuff other kids say and do? Listen in for Anna's insight as a mommy AND a teacher....
Sunday 28th of July 2019
Writer, Publisher, and Entrepreneur Mike Sahno, joins Cathy to chat about creating your own company and following your dreams. No stranger to challenge, Mike understands the hurdles small business owners face. Author of the newly released fiction novel, Whizzers, Mike even throws in some worthwhile tips about how and why to publish a book. With several books and his latest release, Mike knows the angst and the joy of seeing your message in print! He talks about adding value for your readers long before they ever read your blog or book. As Cathy and Mike chat, he pulls together tips for the entrepreneurial at heart, especially about how to grow a social media following. If you've ever thought about starting your own business or writing the book of your dreams, you won't want to miss Mike's advice.
Sunday 21st of July 2019
Drum Roll, Please…Yep, this is the episode on prayer we’ve been anticipating for months! Prayerwalking Authority Janet McHenry joins Cathy to talk about their mutual love of prayer! Author of the Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus, Janet shared all kinds of wisdom, including how Jesus prayed while “forgiving relentlessly.” If you thought prayer was for wimps or victims, you’ll be amazed as Janet breaks down the way we access Jesus’s power. Are you, like so many people, wondering if you know how to pray the right way? Janet’s insight had us shivering with excitement. This is one conversation you don’t want to miss! Please consider passing it along to friends!
Friday 12th of July 2019
Prayer Walking Mentor, Janet McHenry joins Cathy to tell about how a hunger for prayer and better health motivated her to begin prayerwalking. As a young woman walking through her small town each morning, she began to multitask by praying for individuals and businesses along her route. An accomplished writer, soon her agent asked for a book on her exercise habit: prayerwalking. Almost simultaneously, her family began to experience a six-year legal ordeal. Coincidence? You be the judge. Through it all, Janet learned significant lessons about injustice and God's love of justice. If you've ever wondered how to pray, Janet's insight will encourage and motivate you!
Monday 8th of July 2019
Today, Anna and Cathy put their heads together to do some birthday mythbusting. No need for Pinterest Perfect parties! The best parties create birthday blessings for everyone, including Mom. (Especially Mom!) Plus, they don’t have to break the family budget. Enough with over-the-top birthday parties for kids! Dirt piles, black ninjas, tree fort lunches. Ideas for everyone from toddlers to teen. And special ideas for mommy's birthday, too! Listen in for their trademark funny stories and a list of easy, fun, cheap ideas. FUN birthday parties art here!
Thursday 4th of July 2019
Co-host Anna Krafve Pierce joins Cathy to inspire us with countless ways to create a natural sanctuary outdoors. Every child deserves a chance to explore and learn from nature in the safety of their own backyard. Yep, even if your backyard is a porch or a balcony! Creating a special outdoor retreat is as simple as inspiring a child’s natural imagination. Plus, Anna throws in some unexpected stories from her own childhood! Anna talks about growing up in a creative household and how that can look for young families today. You won't want to miss this trip down memory lane with Anna, artist, teacher, entrepreneur, and mom.
Tuesday 25th of June 2019
How do we foster healthy independence in our own kids and in our nation? Anna Krafve Pierce joins her mom to explain how independence in our kids can be a healthy thing. two seem inseparably  linked to me. An expert on education, childhood fun, history, and philosophy, Anna brainstorms some fun ways families can foster a respect for sacrifice and history while having a blast! Freedom in our country is linked to nurturing healthy independence in our children’s heart. What Anna says may surprise you.
Tuesday 18th of June 2019
Anna Krafve Pierce joins her mom to brainstorm answers to some of this week's most pressing questions. How can we possibly balance life with ear infections, crazy schedules, nonstop chatter, and create a Delightful Dad's Day? Oh my! Married, single, working, or stay at home, with toddlers or teens, all moms want our own Father’s Day Fabulous! What are some of the easiest, most romantic things you can do for the father of your children? What about when their dad is your ex? Don't miss all the creative, freedom-loving ideas this mother-daughter team dream up! Honoring ALL the good men in our lives means keeping it simple and keeping it real!
Sunday 26th of May 2019
Tired of folks who tell you to simmer down? Culture Influencer Cynthia Tobias joins Cathy with tips for strong-willed folks of any age. How do you work with folks who tend to be threatened by strong women? We don't have to apologize for being strong! Strong women can work together without intimidation by focusing on strengths. How do our strengths free us from intimidation? She shared tips for curbing strong wills (yours or your kiddos)! If you struggle to make sense of why God gave you (or your kids) so much determination and drive, you're gonna love this!
Saturday 25th of May 2019
Education Guru Cynthia Tobias joins Cathy to share the story of how God called her to an amazing life as a strong woman. Well-known for her work on learning styles, her multiple books have influenced a whole American education philosophy. From her experience in law enforcement to teaching in High School, she was invited by Focus on the Family to write a book. Her Focus broadcasts are some of the most popular ones ever. Don't miss what this amazing, strong woman has to say about Gods plan for each of His children!
Tuesday 14th of May 2019
SharRon Jamison joins Cathy to talk about how friendships look when we seek our God-given potential together! Because sometimes we all feel left out, anxious, and unloveable, right?! “In fact, some women even shared they felt lonely and felt starved for companionship. They wanted and yearned for confidants; they missed connecting on a deep level. But, they also shared that they feel scared, overwhelmed and isolated because building friendships was so draining or filled with drama,” to quote SharRon’s website. Don’t miss her wisdom on how to claim Relationship GPS and CIA (Constancy, Intimacy, and Accountability) to create healthy, lasting friendships.
Monday 13th of May 2019
Who hasn't felt left out of the in crowd? Ever wonder why your friends care about you? SharRon Jamison epitomizes what it means to be a Friend Maker. A perfect antidote to the Mean Girl Syndrome, Cathy asked SharRon to share from her heart. “Relationships are so important to me. It took years for me to learn how to be a friend,” SharRon says tenderly. Clearly, even the most successful women commonly feel isolated, insecure, and anxious. Every day, women tackle lots of gut-wrenching responsibilities; we need to support each other. Fortunately, healthy friendships provide the security we all need as we courageously take risks. SharRon shares how to put aside self-bullying. Have your kids been bullied at school? Or, maybe you’re discouraged at work or work! She offers wisdom on seeking our God-given potential and embracing our beautiful uniqueness. You won’t want to miss what this amazing woman shares about being a true friend!
Wednesday 8th of May 2019
Co-Host Anna Krafve Pierce and Cathy share their best and worst from Mother's Day past. How do you ask for what you really want? Who do you recruit to help you build the marvelous motherhood moments you're dreaming about? No more crunchy scrambled egg breakfasts for you! Plus, an easy smeasy craft to regale toddlers. Don't miss this authentic conversation about turning your Mom's Day into marvelous!
Tuesday 30th of April 2019
Hushed whispers accompanied the shuffle of a chained man dressed in an orange jump suit. In this episode, Judge Carole Clark joins Cathy to explain how Trauma Informed Care is bringing real justice to families. Of course, if you’ve ever spent a day in family court as an observer, you know it’s bewildering. Now, with a powerful insider’s perspective and 20 years as a family court judge, Judge Carole is offering hope and healing to families. So, what is Trauma Informed Care and how is it helping?
Tuesday 23rd of April 2019
Judge Carole Clark learned early in her life to appreciate what the courts could do. Her first job out of college? Child Protective Services. From CPS Worker to judge, she’s seen it all. Now, she shares her story with Cathy in order to call attention to Trauma Informed Care. In the past, family courts tended to see the same families over and over, according to Judge Carole. Obviously, the justice system is groaning under the weight of providing justice to families in crisis. Now, through Trauma Informed Care all those involved in our justice system create dramatic and lasting change in families. If you've ever dealt with custody battles or suffered in court, you will not want to miss what the good judge has to say!
Monday 15th of April 2019
Co-Host Anna Krafve Pierce joins Cathy to put her creative energy as a mom, artist, and teacher to work for us. Cathy asks Anna questions about the best ways to inspire your creative children to prosper and flourish, especially when you get a few uncharted days together! Starting with her deep conviction that we are ALL creative, Anna offers 3 principles for cherishing your kiddos' inner inspiration and creativity. How do we make the most of mess ups, in art or in life?! This podcast will energize the way you spend your Easter holiday together.
Monday 1st of April 2019
Dr. Grace English joins Cathy to share her story of abortion and recovery. These two dear friends talk at a deeply personal and authentic level. How did they make the decision to abort? What did they learn through the experience? How did they each get help? What resources are out there now? How can Christians talk about this topic with compassion? They even share how and why they look forward to meeting their children in heaven. Dr. Grace brings all her medical expertise to the table, along with a healthy dose of compassion, empathy, and yes, her well-known sense of humor and joy. You will want to catch this exceptional conversation on an extremely tough topic.
“Unfortunately, abortion is equated with politics in this country, but it is so much more than that. This is beyond political lines. This is so personal. People don’t understand that this decision will determine the quality of their life, really for the rest of their life,” Dr. Grace English says. 

As a physician, she knows more about the physical, emotional, and mental symptoms of trauma after abortion than most folks. Dr. Grace shares her unique viewpoint with Cathy, including a healthy dose of compassion and empathy since she's post-abortive herself. If you've suffered with the trauma that follows abortion, you'll want to hear what this insightful and compassionate doctor has to say.
Saturday 2nd of March 2019
Co-host, Anna Krafve Pierce joins Cathy to brainstorm Staycations on the Cheap. Just in time for Spring Break or Easter, these ideas will give your children fun, hilarious life-long memories without breaking the family budget. Anna also shares her ideas about how to tie a festive day with toddlers to a romantic date night at home. Would you ever take a family trip to a Hispanic market in costume? What are the most unusual places you can think of for a week of picnic adventures? Don't miss this chance to listen in on these two hilarious women brainstorm family fun and cultural education together.
Saturday 16th of February 2019
Artist James Kemp joins Cathy and Anna to share what it was like learning to paint next to his dad, Tommy Kemp. In African American churches throughout east Texas, Tommy Kemp left his mark on faith and culture, not only as a mural painter, but as a film maker, as well. James talks about the fact that his dad painted with any paint he could get his hands on, most often house paint. He shares how his dad recruited African American congregation members as actors to depict the gospel stories as visual aids for his sermons. You won't want to miss what this witness has to say about his father's legacy.
Artist James Kemp joins Cathy and Anna to share how art launched him into an unexpected legacy of chess. He started the Young Artist Institute to give kids a boost to their confidence, but soon discovered they wanted to play chess during their "dry time," the moments when paintings dry between paint applications. Over the years, James became well-known for his pioneering work, bringing the program to schools across Dallas and the Metroplex, not to mention his work in the county jail. If you, too, want to accomplish something life-changing and culture-impacting for the kids you know, don't miss what this experienced civic leader has to say!
Tuesday 5th of February 2019
Tina Meier is a national exert on how to protect our children from bullying, cyber-bullying, and suicide. She tells her story and offers advice and comfort to parents about how to help our kids when faced with bullying. In Megan's case, an adult set up a false identity, pretended to be a friend, then attack with vicious cyberbullying. According Tina cyberbullying is especially destructive because "everybody knows." She tells her story so other parents never experience the trauma and tragedy she did. Riveting and filled with truth, don't miss Tina's story in her own voice!
Monday 4th of February 2019
Tina Meier, Founder of the Megan Meier Foundations says, when it comes to bullying, “Do something as an adult. Don’t stand by and stay quiet. Because you’re not helping our kids or our community. If you report it, then it’s being reported by someone else, it’s not the kid that’s having to try to report it.” In this episode, she shares the symptoms that can alert parents. Also, she included valuable insight about how to help his school kids who are being bullied. Don't miss what this tender-hearted mom, who lost her child to suicide as a result of cyber-bullying, shared about how you can help your child.
Saturday 12th of January 2019
Charlotte Canion returns to share wisdom she acquired as a care-giver to her aging parents. With another book coming out this spring to address the feelings of guilt that often plague care-givers, Charlotte is a wealth of ideas about how to take care of yourself as you care for others. A popular speaker and facilitator, she offers tips, like how to teach nursing homes to build raised beds for planting vegetables. She offers practical suggestions on how to engage your aging parents and younger generations to safe guard treasured family stories. If you need a little boost of help, Charlotte will have you laughing and refreshed in the time it takes to listen to this podcast. Don't miss this dear lady's insight!
Friday 11th of January 2019
Elder Care Expert Charlotte Canion joins Cathy to share stories from her 14 year journey of caring for her father-in-law, her father and her mother as their health deteriorated. She watched as dementia, Alzheimers and Parkinson's took their toll on her family, but she knows there are hundreds of other diseases affecting elderly mental and physical well-being. Author of You've Got to Laugh to Keep from Crying, Parenting Your Parents, Charlotte shares authentically, all the while passing along practical tips about self-care for the care-giver. She includes a personal story of sexual abuse in her family and how care-giving culminated in forgiveness. If you're wondering how in the world to take care of yourself and everyone else, don't miss what this beautiful lady has to say!
Sunday 6th of January 2019
Author Dana Goodrum joins Cathy to talk about why young people are not going to church. By the time she was a young adult, she says she already had "a plethora, the Pandora’s box of sins and mistakes and things to be ashamed about or quite frankly to be judged on.” Yet, no matter your "Chapter 1," Dana says your story can change into a life that honors God. Now, she's speaking to Christians about how to welcome younger generations back to a life of faith. How can we fight back, when the enemy tells us we're not worthy of God? Dana speaks candidly about how to help others, especially millennials, begin a walk of faith.
Saturday 5th of January 2019
Dana Goodrum joins Cathy to share her wisdom on finding purpose in our pain. "There's beauty in broken," she says, "God didn’t cause it, but He allowed everyone's Chapter 1 for a purpose." Chapter 1 of Dana's life taught her to reach out when friends' need encouragement to grasp a life of faith. “The best thing we can realize as Christians is that we all have a “Chapter 1.” She points out that many millennials view the church as a "picture perfect museum," instead of a place where they can get help turning life around. If your church has been wondering why an entire generation of young people are purposefully choosing not to pursue a life of faith, you will not want to miss what Dana has to say!
Monday 17th of December 2018
Co-host Anna Krafve Pierce joins Cathy to share stories and successes when it comes to giving children a love for music, even if mommy can't carry a tune in a bucket! Choosing some of their favorite lines of great Christmas hymns, this mother-daughter duo laugh together about pushing the family to sing, even if it's off-key. If you're looking for practical ideas to inspire sweet sounds at your house during the holidays, don't miss this creative bonanza. There's no better way to teach young children to enthrone the King of Kings in our hearts than singing songs together, even the silly ones!.
Co-host Anna Krafve Pierce joins Cathy to share her philosophy of keeping holidays simple, while focusing on passing along true meaning to her small children. She shares some of the Krafve's stories and together this mother-daughter duo brainstorm several simple ideas to give other what they really need, while giving yourself lots of freedom. Anna includes her plan for the simplest, most delightful advent tradition as an example of passing along meaningful ideas to her children, without burdening herself with perfection. If perfection was never on your Christmas list anyway, you'll love the authentic way Anna brings home the holidays.
Monday 10th of December 2018
Dr. Alise Cortez returns to share the secrets she shares all over the world to leaders who seek out her wisdom. Do your employees seem to migrate away from your business just about the time you get them trained? Are you going through the motions, but feel asleep at the wheel (and we’re not talking country music here)? It’s not easy to surprise Cathy, but Alise shares an unexpected approach for getting your passion sparked up in all aspects of your life. Her suggestions are easy, practical, and oh-so fun - which makes us so happy at Camp Krafve!
World-renowned consultant, Dr. Alise Cortez, joins Cathy to share how unexpected events unleashed her to pursue her passion and purpose in life. When her marriage came to an abrupt end, Alise determined not to waste the opportunity, but instead re-calibrated her life in the most beautiful way possible. The change in her circumstances “yielded a new clearing for myself,” she says, and “gave me a space to recreate myself.” She shares the secrets of her success in this lively and authentic telling of how crisis can be our ticket to freedom, energy, and joy.
Friday 9th of November 2018
Anna Krafve Pierce shares tender family stories as she co-hosts with Cathy. Naturally, the tone was set for full out fun (which, by the way, often happens whenever Anna is around)! If you want some Thanksgiving inspiration, you'll love Anna’s laughter and Thanksgiving memories! Plus, she offers inspiration right out of her favorite childhood hymns. Wondering how to handle the stress (or stressful people) in your holiday lineup? You’ll love Anna’s insight about setting the table for happy holiday gatherings.
Wednesday 7th of November 2018
In this episode, Cathy and Co-host Anna Krafve Pierce brainstorm a gazillion ideas that will make your life easier for Thanksgiving, especially if you're entertaining toddlers. Cathy revels all the fun ideas she has for her own grands. Yep, they talk about how to make a Thanksgiving Kits. But in a surprise twist, Cathy's amazing tech genius, Roy Bryan, whispered the news moments before the show that we've hit TWO MILLION downloads since we began a year ago. So, Cathy and her creative, artist daughter went on air in full surprise mode. Did she really just compare the family to squirrels because they chatter so much when they're together?! Anna and her mom brainstorm the best ways to have fun on the cheap. If your family has a, ahem, variety of personality types, you'll love the attitude and ideas of these two hilarious women.
Sunday 4th of November 2018
Author Henda Salmeron joins Cathy to tell her story of how she became a political influencer, author, serial entrepreneur, breast cancer survivor, all-around amazing woman, and best of all, a mom. Henda began her life care-taking a mom who had serious mental and addiction health issues, which meant Henda was in danger from the men in her mother's life. Yet, she chose her mom's royal purple for her branding, in part because she no longer wishes for her "childhood to be different because it made me the woman I am today.” Known for her efforts to get Dense Breast Tissue notification accepted as the standard of care, she faced down both breast cancer and a heart attack in the same year. In this episode, Henda shares how running 100 miles in the Himalayas and becoming an amateur lobbyist became her strategy for beating the anxiety and depression she felt.
Have you received letter notifying you of your Dense Breast Tissue status? Faithful to get her timely mammogram, Henda Salmeron was shocked and devastated when she was diagnosed with a stage four breast cancer. On this episode she shares some of the high and low moments in her battle with breast cancer. She also invites women to join the effort to make Dense Breast Tissue notifications standard practice nationwide so all women will know their risk, including, for instance, women serving in our Armed Forces. Dense Breast Tissue means that tumors are more difficult to see on traditional mammograms. Hendra rallies women to take care of themselves by knowing if they have Dense Breast Tissue. Henda's Law requires health care providers to notify patients of their status. 
Monday 29th of October 2018
Dr. Sasha Vukelja joins Cathy to talk about the best ways we can encourage families when mom is diagnosed with breast cancer. Especially for daughters, breast cancer looms dauntingly. Will Mom be there for me? Will I get breast cancer, too? These are just a few of the topics Sasha handles with experience and deep compassion. Jumping from hilarity to comfort, Sasha speaks with ease and insight, offering a half dozen practical tips. If you want to be a valuable friend in the crisis, you won't want to miss this!
Saturday 27th of October 2018
In her humorous and down-to-earth way, Oncologist Sasha Vukelja, joins Cathy to have an authentic conversation about life and joy. Dr. V as her patients lovingly call her, salutes her adopted home, Texas, and talks about immigrating to America with her mother. She shares about her military service and falling in love with her hubby. She tackles tough subjects, including breast cancer, with compassion and her contagious joy, offering insight into how truth can be comforting. To understand how this amazing and influential doctor became the woman we all love and cherish, don't miss this episode.
Monday 22nd of October 2018
Founder and CEO of Your Philanthropy, Dawn Franks joins Cathy to offer ideas about how to pass generosity down through the generations of your family. She talks about the impact grandparents can have. Offering practical tips, she suggests easy examples for cultivating the natural generosity of our children. "The kind of giver you were destined to become showed as early a elementary school," Dawn says, to quote her new book Giving Fingerprints. If your little ones are already bringing you dandelions from the back yard, you'll want to tune in for Dawn's insight.
Author Dawn Franks discusses how our generosity is reflected in our Giving Fingerprints. The title of her new book reflects the extensive work and research Dawn has done throughout her career, first in helping nonprofits succeed with their fundraising, then in helping donors succeed in their giving. Acting as a bridge between nonprofits and donors, Dawn learned to help families pinpoint their shared values.
Monday 15th of October 2018
The Mindfulness Tri is not your typical triathlon. A triathlon with walking or running, yoga and meditation as it's three pillars, Mindfulness triathlons are popping up all over. Runner and Civic leader, Colleen Long joins Cathy to talk about the different ways we all experience anxiety and depression. A mom, wife, and talented financial advisor, Colleen shares from her own personal experience how exercise, taking thoughts captive, and plugging into community helped her on her journey. Her journey now includes bringing folks to gather to host the first Mindfulness Tri to the East Texas region. You won't want to miss what this amazing young leader has to say about self-compassion and community!
Runner, mom, wife, and professional financial advisor, Colleen Long never thought she'd be planning an event for her region that was almost unheard of there. Sure, everyone knows what a triathlon is, but a mindfulness tri? If you're wondering how to get enough energy just for today, much less anything else, you'll love Colleen's perspective on taking care of yourself! (And you can listen quietly without moving, if you like!) Soon, though, she'll have you inspired to stretch. Yep, Colleen advocates stretching physically, and in all other ways, too. In fact, she says taking a small step immediately increases your confidence and self worth. Maybe your small step today is simply to listen in for her beautiful thoughts. Please don't miss what this compassionate lady has to say! offers all kinds of encouragement to those wishing they could bring a Mindfulness Triathlon to their community.
Sunday 7th of October 2018
Baptist pastor and scholar, Benjamin A. Simpson joins Cathy for practical insight about creating families that flourish. In this episode he shares about falling in love with Molly, his wife who is a Methodist minister. Ben and Molly met on Baylor University’s campus and started as friends, both determined to be true to the calling God had already established in their individual hearts. Even so, in a miracle of unity that cherishes differences, they fell in love. Soon they found they were embracing a life of bringing people together in community. If you're a Baylor bear fan, you’ll especially love the story he shared about asking Molly to marry him. Or, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live with a baby North American black bear in your apartment, tune in now! You won't want to miss what this practical pastor has to say about making good decisions based on your own family's values.
Saturday 6th of October 2018
Pastor, curriculum writer, and thought leader, Benjamin A. Simpson joins Cathy to talk about how to create your own set of pracitcal Family Values. Based on a blog he wrote called "Tallying Family Values," Ben takes us through the simple process of defining and living by a set of personal family values. He explains, for instance, how making time for both work and play frees us to live a sustainable lifestyle. If you've ever wondered how in the world to keep your family on the right track, you're going to love the wisdom and authentic insight of this practical scholar and friend!
Sunday 23rd of September 2018
Cathy invites Rabbi Neal Katz to explain the tradition of separation of church and state. A Bible scholar, Rabbi Neal gives us a crash course on what it means to serve the community, especially in elected office. Drawing on his Jewish background, Neal explains how roles and responsibilities of leadership from Old Testament times can look in our modern world. For a religious scholar, Neal is down-to-earth and never dull! A fast-paced conversation, if you're wondering how faith and politics should reflect God's nature of compassion and justice, this episode will restore your confidence to recognize true leadership when you see it.
Saturday 22nd of September 2018
In this episode, Rabbi Neal Katz shares about why Predicate Theology excites his imagination. If those words sound too be engaging, no worries! He also shares about falling in love with the love of his life, his wife Jen. But, truly, between Cathy and Neil, even the conversation around an intellectual topic like Predicate Theology turns out to be fun. In fact, this episode is an easy way to be the smartest person in the room next time you're playing Bible Trivia! (Do people still do that?) Neal explains that by changing the way we talk about God, we actually can become more effective in having significant conversations with others about Him! If you have people in your life who come from a variety of perspectives, you'll want to hear what this wise and spiritual man has to say about presenting godly character to those who don't understand God.
Sunday 16th of September 2018
Discovery Science Place's Whitney Patterson joins Cathy to share how we can give our kids a love of scientific discovery. She offers thoughts and events that may shape interest in the STEM disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Collaboration is a hallmark of Whitney's leadership style. In spite of reticence about collaborating among some nonprofits, Whitney offers proof that collaborations benefit everyone. She generously encourages listeners to branch out in their own communities to being people and nonprofits together.
Discovery Science Place's Whitney Patterson joins Cathy to talk about how her interest in science developed. She encourages young parents with the thought that often the best discoveries, like a love of learning, happen almost accidentally. Whitney's mom made learning fun. It wasn't until Whitney was an adult that she realized science was in everything, including her rock collection! If you're wondering how to work a love of science in your child's day without making your schedule any more hectic, you'll love what Whitney shares!
Monday 10th of September 2018
Gallery Owner and Jewelry Designer, Neita Fran Ward joins Cathy to talk about how to nurture creativity in ourselves and others. As always, Neita Fran focuses on others, but Cathy presses her to reveal how God used Neita Fran's desire to help others, thus exposing her own artistic talent. God is very creative Himself, we know! If you've ever wondered about the risk and the natural process of creating your own business you won't want to miss her story. Neita Fran's authenticity and down-to-earth way will inspire your own heart to dare to do something wonderful!
Cathy asks Neita Fran Ward for details about how God is using this woman of influence to transform the community. By bringing together artists, community leaders, university and college officials, Neita Fran is making art accessible to all, especially students. When UTTyler's College of Pharmacy approached her about creating an art exhibit of local artists, Neita Fran was overjoyed and knew just who to call on for help. One of her favorite things about the process has been the reaction of local artists. “Many of them have told me they felt validated as an artist, often for the first time.” If you're wanting to encourage a flourishing, healthy creative community where you live, you will want to soak up the wisdom of this woman of influence!
Sunday 2nd of September 2018
Organic Soil Specialist James Van Dyke joins Cathy to talk about some of the lessons he's learned in his quest to turn sand into nourishing, fertile soil. Starting with Biblical insight, James expounds on how businesses are learning that efficiency of reclaiming and recycling turns out to be the quickest route to profit margins. Citing a personal example of a field that would not grow a thing, James explains how he's learned to appreciate the process of culling, replenishing, and germination. Applying lessons from nature, he takes it a step further with spiritual meaning. You won't want to miss what this successful entrepreneur shares about caring for customers!
Thursday 30th of August 2018
Environmental Scientist James Van Dyke joins Cathy to talk about what young families can expect when they dig into entrepreneurship. No stranger to the daily challenges facing start-ups, James helped develop Texas Organics, a company devoted to solving soil issues with rich, nourishing compost, often specific to the site's needs. Meanwhile, he and his wife have taken on numerous house renovation projects. How do they do it with a young family, too? Did his mom know he was an entrepreneur in the making? He shares the story of height-defying jungle gym climb as a tribute to his own mother's patience and wisdom. You won't want to miss what James learned in the process of combining hard work and dirt, ahem, I meant to say, soil!
Tuesday 21st of August 2018
Suzy Shepherd joins Cathy to explain the Four Principles of how love can undergird all our relationships. As mom in a blended family with nine kiddos, Suzy gets to practice the four relationship principles on a daily basis. When asked how she and her husband manage their unique family blend, she laughs that they’ve “resigned themselves to the idea that laundry and dishes are forever." Don't miss the lessons this energetic and insightful lady shares from her own life.
Monday 20th of August 2018
Gifted communicator, Suzy Shepherd tells her personal story of how brokenness transformed her life. A Divisional Director of Stonecroft and founder of the sisterhood, Suzy is dedicated to helping women connect with each other. She shares how the support of good women in our lives can make all the difference. Suzy devotes her life to nurturing all relationships through her teaching, writing, training, and speaking. You won't want to miss the personal insight this dear lady shares straight from her own experience. Suzy shares how Four Principles can transform all our relationships.
Wednesday 15th of August 2018
Christian Communicator and thought leader, Lori Boruff joins Cathy for more up close and personal conversation. Lori shares from from her extensive experience about how grief can set a son or daughter onto a self-destructive path. Lori's heart broke as her own son went to prison, only to see her prayers answered as his life turned around. Now the leader of a well-known and effective ministry to those rebuilding their life after incarceration, her son is one reason Lori shares her wisdom and experience so freely.
Tuesday 14th of August 2018
Communications Guru, Lori Boruff, (Life Coach, Professional Speaker, and Co-Owner of Christian Communicators) joins Cathy to tell the story of having a son in jail. She describes what she calls her "personal nine-eleven moment." When they arrested her son, taking him away from their home in handcuffs, Lori's life direction changed instantly. Yet, she says, "God had plans for her family and "it was a good direction even in that painful moment." If you have a friend with a child in prison, Lori teaches us what to pray and what to say. She even links the common thread of loss and grief for those who end up in prison. Don't miss this amazing episode!
Wednesday 8th of August 2018
Award-winning Author Sandra Merville Hart joins Cathy to talk about her wonderful Civil War era book, A Rebel in My House. Both sides of the conflict receive tender grace from Sandra in this engaging, action-packed story. With compassion, Sandy creates characters to love. Cathy asks questions about her inspiration and decision-making when it comes to handling history respectfully. With five books out by this time next year, Sandra is a rising star in publishing circles. For Sandy, climbing out of the box, means creating stories that reflect compassion for people and respect for history.
Tuesday 7th of August 2018
When adults discourage a child from pursuing God-given talents, a creative child can feel boxed in. Author and Speaker Sandra Merville Hart and Cathy talk about escaping the box. Sandy wrote her first book in third grade. Sandy shares how a few poorly chosen words slammed her blossoming talent for story-telling and writing to a halt. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your active, creative child, Sandy gives you lots of encouragement, sharing how a few positive words reenergized her love of writing. How do we create when everyone around us says, “No Way!” If you’ve ever wondered if you have what it takes to pursue a dream against all odds, or train your kids to, this is the episode for you!
Tuesday 31st of July 2018
One of Cathy’s favorite thought leaders, Sarah Cumming, the head of Promise Academy, joins Cathy to chat about how communities benefit when joy and justice team up. Sarah describes the best kind of communities, when joy enhances respect and justice. “In a (healthy) community you come to things as equals. There’s not a skewed power dynamic. Joy says its good for us to be together and, as equals, to learn together,” says Sarah. Sarah shares insight about how students, donors, volunteers, teachers, all benefit from a discipleship mindset. If you’re making decisions about how to best educate your children or encourage your grandchildren, don’t miss what this wise educator and mom shares from her heart!
Friday 27th of July 2018
In this episode, thought leader Sarah Cumming shares how education can enhance justice in communities. She tells of her love story with education. Sarah is leveraging all her experience, including at the famous Manhattan Christian Academy, to benefit east Texas. She’s leading the charge for Promise Academy, the first Christian school in north Tyler, an underserved area. At Promise Academy, they’re joining “families to nurture kingdom-minded citizens who work for justice, economic opportunity, ethnic harmony, hope for the family and joy in their communities.” Just for fun, Cathy also gets the scoop on her love story with her hubby, too. If you love how education and justice can enhance each other, don’t miss Sarah’s story! (Notice how we worked love in there one more time?!)
Tuesday 17th of July 2018
Dave and Barb Howe share what works in the battle for freedom from porn addiction. How can wives or mothers bring up the topic when they suspect there's a problem? What can moms do to help their young sons avoid porn addiction? How can churches offer hope to men? Barb offer wisdom and even some catch phrases that soften the drama. This courageous couple takes on one of our culture's most taboo topics with grace and insight. Don't miss this episode for battle-worthy strategies!
Sunday 15th of July 2018
What if you found a stash of, ahem, uncomfortable magazines or a special file on your spouse's computer? Are their symptoms that indicate your spouse may be struggling with a porn addiction? Together husband and wife team Dave and Barb Howe talk about how porn affected their marriage. She opens up about the battle for her marriage, offering a prayer strategy that works. He shares the ways men can be deceived into thinking no one is affected when they start fooling around with porn. Author of the book, Live are and Free, Dave shares key ways men can gain victory.
Tuesday 10th of July 2018
Jon Drury, author of Lord, I Feel So Small, shares how even the most successful man may experience feelings of weakness, inadequacy, shame, and fear. These emotions can be overwhelming for men. Men may even isolate themselves and withdraw. Always practical, Jon offers ways women can identify the challenges their men face, offering truth and support. He even talks about specific prayer strategies, including friendships for men. You won't want to miss this chance to peek behind the screen about what our men really feel. Thank you, Jon!
Monday 9th of July 2018
Jon Drury openly declares himself a man who had to search for significance. This successful leader, a pilot and pastor, shares his own personal battle with the lies that led him to believe he was insignificant. Out of his despair, he learned to look to God alone for his significance. “It’s strange that the low place would be the place of power," he says, "The Lord fellowships with the lowly person." Have you ever battled for your own significance? Are you wondering what is bothering the successful man you love? Jon gives us specific lies and the truth that will set you and those you love free!
Thursday 14th of June 2018
Professional Counselor and Pastor Chris Legg joins Cathy in a lively, often amusing, discussion about how wives and husbands can engage with each other in a way that maximizes their parenting. What makes men feel insecure? What's the unique platform fathers have in the lives of their kids? How to communicate approval to your husband or family? Ever failed to get the message across to your man? Who hasn't?! You're gonna chuckle along as Chris shares example sentences that work! He even called our podcasts “insider trading” because of the great tips shared there. He promised to come back soon and talk about sex on air, so stay tuned for more adventures (if by adventure, you mean great life hacks!
Wednesday 13th of June 2018
Professional Counselor and Pastor Chris Legg tells how he became enamored with family and creating community. He grew up exploring the woods around historic Nacogdoches Texas as a child. As young adult, he soon discovered families face serious traumas. An accidental leader for his first youth group, Chris was so young he grew a beard to distinguish himself from the kids. Nothing prepared him for the night a young man knocked on his window because his light happened to be on. Listen in as Chris shares his story of finding the right woman for him, and more importantly, learning to be the right man for the job.
Monday 21st of May 2018
In this episode, civic leader Tony Johnson joins Cathy to blow away the myths we may all believe about mentoring young people. Is it too big of a commitment? Will it cost your whole family? If I only have an hour a week, can I even make a difference? Cathy asks Tony all the hard "let's get real" questions. You won't want to miss his answers. (We love the way his deep chuckle reassures Cathy that she is not alone in asking.). If you've ever considered mentoring, but felt afraid, you'll love this! Tony offers tips on finding appropriate boundaries, followed by lots of success for everyone, especially the kids you take on.
Monday 14th of May 2018
On this episode, community leader Tony Johnson tells how his parents prepared him for the active leadership role he enjoys in all aspects of his community, even serving as president of the local school board and Chamber of Commerce simultaneously! If you're wondering how some kids develop a work ethic, tune in as Tony shares generation-tested tips passed down to him from his own dad. He also reveals how to identify the kid who needs extra attention. He talks us through what effective attention sounds like. If you are a youth worker, teacher, or a battle-weary parent, you won't want to miss Tony's insight and encouragement.
Monday 7th of May 2018
Adventurous. Humble. Funny as heck. Katie Butts joins Cathy to give us tips on how to be a blessing to families like hers. This beautiful mother of two children, each uniquely formed and gifted, explains how God has extended unimaginable joy into their family. When we see a kid with blades at the beach, how do we coach our kids? If our kids ask honest questions, should we hide in shame? How do we extend commonality to everyone? Yep, Katie brings a wealth of experience and insight to help us navigate into a place of peace and delight even if the world seems overrun with new medical adventures daily.
Sunday 6th of May 2018
The indomitable Katie Butts joins Cathy to talk about what moms can expect if the unthinkable happens: an unexpected diagnosis during a sonogram. She shares about experiencing first a miscarriage, and then, goes on to talk about the unexpected, unrelated diagnosis both her children received. With deliberate decisions to experience joy, she shares the nuts and bolts of how the, her hubby, their family and all their friends have celebrated along the way. With her kids growing up quickly, she encourages young moms everywhere that the joy "will be so much greater than you can ever imagine!"
Wednesday 2nd of May 2018
Marcie McSwane joins Cathy to honor the beautiful life of Patrick McSwane by sharing wisdom on how families can help the siblings cope. Along with understanding about the realities of mental disease, she offers practical ideas. For instance, she and her friends celebrate "Siblings Appreciation Day" on Patrick's birthday. She shares her personal timeline for grief and other insight that helps. Join us as Marcie offers hope and courage to those families battling mental illness.
Tuesday 1st of May 2018
With tender hearts, Marcie McSwane and Cathy honor the life of Marcie's beloved brother, Patrick. For those who know the trauma of mental illness in families, Marcie gently shares how siblings can respond when they face the mental deterioration of a beloved sibling. Marcie peals back the layers to identify some of the normal feelings of anguish, grief, and guilt that siblings may face. She offers encouragement and advice for parents wondering how to help the "other" kids in the family.
Friday 6th of April 2018
If your child has mental illness and you feel overwhelmed, tune in to this episode. Successful attorney, committed family man, and loving Christian, Doug McSwane explains that finding resources for families is tough for anyone. Out of Doug's own experience with his son's suicide comes a wealth of help and encouragement. Even people with amazing education and financial resources find the process of getting help baffling. On the other hand, if you are wondering what to do next, Doug has some great insight on options that will offer your family help and hope.
Wednesday 4th of April 2018
Suicide is a gut-wrenching topic even for us at Camp Krafve where we believe no topic is too taboo. In this episode, dear friend Doug McSwane tenderly shares the story of his son's mental illness. He explains the trauma and bewilderment families suffer when a beloved child manifests symptoms. Doug generously tells his story, including things he learned and felt as the journey unfolded. If you or anyone you love is facing suicide, you will want to listen in on this daring and courageous conversation for the ways Doug's experience can help you. We gratefully share this with you in tribute to the beautiful life of Patrick McSwane.
Monday 19th of March 2018
Financial guru, Marina Schroeder joins Cathy to answer the BIG financial questions we've been saving for her, like: What's the most common mistakes young families make? How do you navigate working with your kids in a family business? What can families do to help widows or single moms make the transition to managing their own money? If you have money questions, too, Marina has answers. Don't miss this chance to multiply your financial savvy with this talented financial advisor.
Tuesday 6th of March 2018
Financial Guru Marina Schroeder tenderly shares the way her childhood experiences influenced her to be a person whose life is characterized by forgiveness. Explaining the pain she experienced in her family due to abuse, she shares how her relationship with Jesus Christ allowed her to forgive. With grace, humor, lots of patience, and yes, that good ole work ethic, she now counsels everyone to own their success. For lots of great tips for gaining success, in all aspects of life, don't miss the conversational adventure with this dear friend.
Wednesday 28th of February 2018
The wise and wonderful Sandy Bristow is back to share her wisdom on how sexual trauma affects women in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. With depression as a real symptom, she explains how our enemy, the devil, likes to isolate those who've been hurt, then "move in for the kill." Instead she offer data that empowers us and the best treatment of all: community. Sandy defines trustworthiness when it comes to friends and counselors who can actually help us.As always, she brings her extensive wisdom to bear in giving us the advice and encouragement. “We can learn from one another. There’s a sisterhood here. We need to pray for one another.” ~Sandy Bristow
Wednesday 21st of February 2018
Women's Minister Sandy Bristow joins Cathy to share about her experience with sexual assault. This highly educated, gifted counselor shares her personal experience of being attacked by a trusted health professional, a chiropractor. From the first moments of the show when she offers the legal definition of sexual assault to the end when she sums up God's love of justice, Sandy shares one profound insight after another. If you or someone you love has been fondled, groped, or raped, her wisdom will equip you to seek justice.
Wednesday 14th of February 2018
In this episode, Pastor Stanley Cofer returns to update us on some of the great stuff happening around East Texas to finally do away with self-segregation. He shares his secrets for attracting young people and people from all ethnic backgrounds to community events. He talks about how Christians can be relevant. Factoring in respect for personal preferences when it comes to worship styles, he encourage folks to break down walls by bringing together congregations for special events. Finally, with compassion and insight he shares the valuable heart-felt messages he has for his white brothers and sisters. You won't want to miss this truthful discussion of what it takes to become an empowerment community.
Pastor Stanley Cofer credits his parents' insight and love of God’s word for the advantages he's enjoyed even as a young man. “They placed the word of God as the top authority. I never heard my parents downgrade a caucasian person, Nor did they exalt their own race.” Because they taught him to seek God first, he finds himself in a unique lace in East Texas. In a community that has struggled with racial division for over a hundred years, Stanley and his wife Christy find themselves in an unusual position. Spearheading a movement for unity, through the Empowerment Community Development Corporation, they find their efforts to bring unity to East Texas attracting enthusiasm. To those who scoff, Stanley has this to say: "I am not pro-back. I am not pro-white. I am pro-human," adding, "If Christ is the center, you can’t help but be an agent of love."
Monday 5th of February 2018
In this candid interview about what motivates him to address race issues with such a vulnerable heart, Ben Scaccia opens up about how he came to write the best-selling novel, Meals from Mars. Ben shares how his preconceived ideas were challenged in Chicago when, as a student at Wheaton, he volunteered at Cook County's juvie jail. The young men he met there challenged him to think about reconciliation and justice from a different perspective. If you've wondered what you could do to help heal our nation's schism over race , you will want to tune in for the practical and perceptive insight Ben offers. Eighteen years as an educator at Restoration Academy near Birmingham, Alabama have cemented this good man's love for his diverse community.
Sunday 4th of February 2018
Ben Sciacca is back with Cathy to offer practical advice on how even one person's efforts can ripple out to create unity in our communities. What can we do? Anything simple and easy that might make a difference on the tough issue of racism? You bet! Along with reconciliation and justice, Ben offers insight on "Shalom, peace that makes harmony and delight in all our relationships." We are so proud of this episode that identifies the kind of Biblical peace promised when we discover the secret to seeking it first in our own hearts.
Wednesday 31st of January 2018
The amazing and talented Mary Ottman shares valuable insight on how leaders can grow. An engineer by training, a wise woman by design, her practical tips on self-diagnosing ways to become a trusted and insightful leader will have you begging for more! Get the best leadership training in your week here absolutely free in only 30 minutes. Professional women (and men) will love the practical advice born out of Mary's vast experience.
Wednesday 24th of January 2018
Mary Ottman share of her experience as a professional woman who was "roofied" in a work environment at 47 years old. Can it even be called date rape if the predator is someone you've known for years and thought of as a harmless friend? How does the drug effect you? How can you be fore-warned and thus, fore-armed? Mary shares her tender story and what she learned when reality set in after the initial trauma and shock wore off. This is an episode you will not want to miss. Listen and then, PLEASE, share it with your daughters and friends of all ages!
Monday 15th of January 2018
Care Executive Director B.J. Garrett shares how pastors are helping congregations by inviting women (and men) to tell stories of abortion experiences. In this episode, B.J. addresses the myth that post-abortive trauma is not affecting families or the church. CARE stands for Christ-centered Abortion Recovery and Education. Many, but not all, CARE volunteers are post-abortive. Some share their stories publicly; while all appreciate the strict confidentiality of the ministry. If you are wishing you could make a difference when it comes to abortion, B.J. tenderly shares how people are quietly making a gentle difference behind the scenes on this very sensitive issue.
Friday 5th of January 2018
CARE Executive Director B.J. Garrett joins Cathy to share the gut-wrenching story of her childhood experiences. A victim of sex trafficking, she now educates on the connection between childhood trauma and abortion. This victorious, mighty woman of God shares how she shook free of the chains introduced by her childhood experiences and became a powerful force in the fight to empower women. If you are struggling with the after-affects of abortion or love someone who is, this show will set you on a path to freedom, joy, and victory. Don't miss this expert's tender and compassionate take on one of our culture's most sensitive topics.
Wednesday 3rd of January 2018
Darlene Marshal joins Cathy to share the wisdom she learned after a divorce as a Christian woman and gifted Bible teacher. How can the church step up to comfort those who have been through divorce? How do we get over our judgy-ness of others and ourselves about divorce? How can we understand the challenge single moms’ face after the divorce? Darlene tells the hard truth with compassion and gentleness. Darlene talks about pursuing the same purpose God always intended for you, even if your marriage turns toward divorce. She shares how she grew confident in the future God had for her and her children. If you or someone you love has been through divorce, you don’t want to miss her encouraging message! For more about Darlene, go to
Wednesday 27th of December 2017
Darlene shares her experiences as a Christian woman who never expected to be divorced She discusses with tenderness the impact that mental health can have in families. A gifted Bible teacher, Darlene has devoted herself to impacting the next generation her whole life. With over 32 years experience in public schools, including administration, Darlene currently serves as Director of Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas, the only Boys and Girls Club in the nation to come under the auspices of a Christian organization, the Mentoring Alliance. Darlene is truly exceptional in every way. Cathy cherishes this episode in which Darlene humbly tells the most personal aspects of how she lived through her unexpected heartache. For more about Darlene, go to
Wednesday 20th of December 2017
Media guru, Sandra Beck, tells how it really is to be single and strong as a mom. She holds back no punches in talking about the challenges. Then, in her energetic, no-nonsence style, Sandra offers practical tips and personal stories of things that worked for her amazing family. Like the way she dreaded certain community events because she had to haul her own picnic in, while other moms had hubbies to help. Leave it to Sandra to tell the truth and encourage us simultaneously. If you want to encourage single moms, or you want to be the strong single mom champion of your family, listen in to this reality check with the pumped-up solutions we all seek.
Wednesday 13th of December 2017
Sandra Beck joins Cathy to talk about how professional, educated, amazing women deal with the reality of divorce. A champion in every way, Sandra tells the story of how she experienced and survived divorce to become her family's champion. If you follow Sandra, you know she tells the truth with vulnerability and tenderness. If you are going through a divorce or know someone who is, Sandra's family proves that staying strong until we see strength manifest itself in our kids, too, is the surest path to victory and joy.
Wednesday 6th of December 2017
Susan Ellsworth joins Cathy for enlightening wisdom on how to talk to your hubby after a mastectomy, how to get the post-op care you need, and what to watch for when you no longer get mammograms. She discusses the difficulty of getting lymphedema diagnosed. Susan is Cathy's dear friend, an oncology nurse and a breast cancer survivor. With 24 years in nursing, she has tenderly cared for countless patients in the most difficult and vulnerable moments in their lives. She and her husband have been married 28 years and she is the mother of 3 kids. One of her daughters is also a nurse. My family loves Susan. In this episode, she shares the questions we all wish we knew when a loved one comes out of surgery. A nurse, Susan even uses the word vagina (properly) because, let's face it, some of our questions have to do with sex!
Wednesday 29th of November 2017
Susan Ellsworth had a double mastectomy, a reconstruction, and then a third surgery to remove the reconstruction. She discusses the difficulty of getting lymphedema diagnosed. We knew her experience with breast cancer as an oncology nurse makes her qualified to help many, many women as they go through the journey with their families. So, even though Susan is a very private person, she agreed to tell her story simply to help others. With 24 years in nursing, Susan has served both as a cardio and an oncology nurse. She has tenderly cared for countless patients in the most difficult and vulnerable moments in their lives. She and her husband have been married 28 years and she is the mother of 3 kids. One of her daughters is also a nurse. The MOST important thing about Susan is her faith, which you are about to discover by listening in on this tender conversation.
Wednesday 22nd of November 2017
Frankie Picasso never lets life get in the way of helping others. In this episode, she shares a bit about the countless nonprofits she has helped in her mission to make the world a brighter place. A woman of influence, when she is not bragging on people with a passion to serve, she is coaching others to accomplish their dreams. Squeezed in all the abundance of her life is time to call attention to the plight of forsaken pets. So, which nonprofits does she rank as her very favorites? To find out, listen in and laugh along with us and the amazing Frankie!
Thursday 16th of November 2017
The Unstoppable Frankie Picasso, Talk Radio Guru and wonderful human, joins us to tell her story of dealing with chronic pain. We turn the tables on Frankie and ask her all the hard questions she is usually asking the guests on her programs. In return, she opens up and tells us the truth about what she does each day to be the fabulous person we all admire. You may find yourself holding your breath as Frankie shares her adventures with overcoming pain. How did her experience help her reconnect with an old passion? As always, she manages to weave in stories of other people she admires and, of course, the pets we all love!
Wednesday 8th of November 2017
Robin Boyd shares wisdom on how to best serve and respect elders in multigenerational families.For instance, one of the greatest challenges is finding and paying for the extra care an elder may need. Her practical tips include keeping a sign up notebook for all service providers to sign in as they walk through the doors of your elder's room. If you are looking for practical ideas to make life wonderful for an elder you love, you will want to listen in as Robin shares wisdom from her vast experience as a loving daughter and devoted care-giver.
Wednesday 1st of November 2017
Special guest, Passing 50's Robin Boyd, shares her personal story of realizing her mother was unconscious after a stroke, not sleeping, as her young daughter reported. With insight born of experience, Robin shares how to face down all the challenges we face when we try to raise a family, while simultaneously caring for an aging parent. With wisdom and tenderness, she lists the things we may face and offers practical ideas to give us relief and encouragement today.