Audacious Faith, Living Out Faith in the Real World

Maybe like me, you wonder if your big dream is simply too huge.

“One day you’re up. The next day down. Sunday morning you’re great, but by Monday it’s gone. For a lot of women, their relationship with God seems tedious, disconnected, one-sided, empty…the joy of salvation is gone, faded by the hardships of everyday life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.” (For more about audacious faith from CrossRiver, click here.)

On June 6th, CrossRiver Media hosted an event--Audacious Faith--honoring CrossRiver’s tenth anniversary of publishing books and other materials. CrossRiver is dedicated helping Christians in their daily walk with the Lord, including by publishing non-fiction, fiction, children, Bible study, and Christian living books. 

Join Me with Audacious Faith

“God is calling you to a vibrant relationship… an active affair with Him… something entirely audacious.” ~according to CrossRiver.

My talk is called Goodby Gotcha, Hello Authentic: Changing Arguments to Conversations(To sign up for Camp Krafve’s free weekly blog, click here.)

Arguing with your hubby? Wonder what that sullen teen is thinking? Feel shut down by your boss? Haven’t we all!

I’ll share the secret of my favorite Power Questions. You can also recieve my power question freebie by signing up for my weekly blog, here. Did I mention FREE stuff will come to you? All kinds of interviews, podcasts, and ideas for creating authentic conversations in your world!

This is powerful, life-changing stuff! With Audacious Faith great conversations are possible!

Amazing Speakers and Friends

Here are some of the amazing women who showed up to share their wisdom:

I love these gals. For instance, one of Nancy Kay Grace’s quotes wiggled into my upcoming book. Later this summer, Brooke Frick is scheduled for a Fireside Talk Radio interview. All of them meet together regularly to encourage new authors like me. Nice!

Recent Interviews of Yours Truly!

Stephen Tilmon, a new and very fun friend, just interviewed me for his podcast, Faith and Failures. Yep, I know quite a bit about faith because of my failures! I told my story of choosing abortion and how God’s grace changed me forever. (Find more tender stories and podcasts on Fireside Talk Radio, here.)

It sounds like a serious conversation and it is, but Stephen has a way of getting folks to say more than we meant to, so some of it is really tender. Plus, he is very funny. Watch for Stephen’s interview with me in two places: Faith and Failures on Apple Podcast. Or, Faith and Failures on Spotify.

If you like that episode, you may like the podcast, Bearded Cactus, Stephen does with one of his childhood chums. They talk about guy stuff like fatherhood with kids coming in and interrupting the show. It’s pretty hilarious!

May we pray together?

Dear good Father, You call us to be audacious in our trust of You and Your goodness. We see Your faithful, unfailing love all around us. You take our breath away! Teach us to boldly move ahead into the design and plans You have for us and our families. Thank You for this unexpected COVID-enforced retreat. Help us use the time wisely to bring glory to You today and forever. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

We LOVE to hear from YOU!

How has your faith been stretched this spring? What dreams will you pursue with audacious faith? Have you learned new things about your children and grandchildren that you want to cover in audacious prayer?

Cathy Krafve, Columnist, Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster, and Christian Writer, invites your stories, ideas, and questions at Truth with a Texas Twang.

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