Podcast Invites: Top 3 Tips for Nailing Your Next Podcast
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Today, I’m pulling back the curtain and inviting you backstage for a behind-the-scenes look at podcasting. With so much happening online now, what makes a dynamic podcast guest? Faith, not fear!

I want you to nail your next podcast.

CrossRiver Media has a group of authors who get together regularly to pray for each other. We laugh about how hard it can be to be the guest on a podcast. They encouraged me to jot down a few tips about how to be a terrific guest.

For my own latest adventure on being a guest, go to https://cathykrafve.com/media/ and enjoy The Art Connection with amazing radio host, Neida Fran Ward and co-host Sandy Newton. Or click here to find more of our Camp Krafve media adventures with others.

Top 3 Tips for Nailing Podcast Invites

#1 Good Questions

Ahead of time, ask about the show’s demographics. Our guests always ask lots of good questions before they come on Fireside Talk Radio.

Who is listening? What can you say to encourage the show’s listening friends? What will people be searching for online when they discover your episode? Next, pinpoint how your story and experience is unique. How can you help others?

Find out if the host has a book or message they would like for you to share, too. The host will really appreciate your help. Lastly, don’t fill up the host’s inbox with too many questions. Be specific and succinct. 

#2 A Good Message

Prepare by narrowing your message. I struggle with this one every time I go on someone else’s show. Here’s what helps me. First, I review my elevator speech. (Confession: I hate elevator speeches. Probably because I tend to be verbose. Bummer! For an example of my short bio, click here.)

Second, I create a mission statement for that show. Here’s an example, “For this upcoming show, I want to help listening friends (smart women ages 35-65) with some life-changing communication tips.”

Before each show, I encourage our guests to focus on one idea they’d like to emphasize for each fifteen-minute segment. If they send their list to me ahead of time, I try to ask questions to help them stay on track with their message. But, the host may forget something, so stay flexible.

#3 Good Manners

Respect the host. I know, I know. What guest would ever be disrespectful? No one. But people get so anxious about doing a good job, they forget to focus on the other person. Both guest or host can be distracted by life’s crazy moments. So use your best manners. Good manners always focus on others.

Because we raised a bunch of talkers at our house, we use The 3-Sentence Rule. What’s the Camp Krafve 3-Sentence Rule? After three sentences, we’re supposed to take a breath to see if anyone else wants to jump in. Anna and I love the 3-Sentence Rule when we co-host episodes. We both. Talk. A lot. 

Believe me, guests who rattle on require the host to interrupt. How much better to take a breath! One way I relax enough on-air to breathe is by making a few notes pre-show. 

For myself, I always pick a couple of stories to tell. Then, I reduce each story to three sentences— a trick I learned from the amazing Sandra Beck. Keeping my stories focused, keeps me concise. Feeling confident allows me to breathe as we converse on-air.

Acknowledge the Host’s Good Work

As far as good manners goes, nothing beats setting up the host to talk about their priorities. A quick question or acknowledgement of their message, skills, or product goes a long way. Try asking the host a few good questions on air, like these, “I just read you book and loved it. What was your favorite chapter?” or “How did you get interested in our mutually favorite subject?” or “I signed up for you website, but remind me what’s the address, in case folks want to get your wonderful blog?”

Whenever I’m invited to be on someone else’s show, I always try to sign up for their blog. Following their messaging helps me check in to see what else is out in the universe. Plus, it makes me happy to know other people are offering positive messages, too. Phew! We really are not alone!

We’re Thankful

Podcasts represent a lot of work. The process of passing along messages is an amazing and rewarding collaboration between guest and host. 

Before we invite guests, we screen ahead of time with research. Plus, we make a personal phone call just to be sure the guest enunciates. If I can’t understand you, neither will our listening friends.

With joy, we encourage other hosts to check our list for their next podcast invite! If you see a name on our guest list, their message deserves to be used by God to bless others. We feel privileged to pass on their good messages.

After we record each show, I write a blog to introduce the show. I take the time to write to the best of my ability. I always include lots of our guest’s points for friends who prefer to read. We embed podcasts and hyperlinks in our blog for the convenience of listening friends. 

Sandra Beck, our social media consultant, buys advertising for us and specializes in some kind of algorithm, which I don’t totally understand. Our whole team is encouraged when the numbers are high—proof that our guests’ positive messages are reaching and encouraging folks.

We partner with Toginet for podcasts because they make life easy. Great tech guys, like Roy Bryan and Ben Horlander, take care of stuff for me, often before I know I need help!

Sound Equipment?

I learned the hard way that soundproofing is a must. Using my laptop in a new location, I recorded two episodes that turned out too tinny to post. My guest that day was awesome, so I was bummed! Fortunately, soundproofing is not hard at all. Simply furnishing your “studio” with blankets, rugs, and soft furniture should do the trick. 

Sometimes people ask me what equipment is necessary. Nothing really except a laptop with a camera. A camera for podcasts? Yes, because one thing leads to another. You will inevitably be asked to do some video shows, too.

For podcasts, if you want to upgrade your sound quality, I use a Yeti mic and headphones. Certainly, I’m happy with them. This may be more info than you want. Thank you for being such a good listener!

How Do We Choose Fireside Talk Radio Guests?

We pick people we think will bless YOU! Seriously. it’s that simple.

We choose heroic, champion types because that’s who you are. Since we know our reading and listening friends are smart, influential, creative women, we like to throw in podcasts about fostering creativity, too. The biggest surprise for us is how many men tune in.

You, our reading and listening friends, are dear to our hearts. 

We Welcome Prayer

On a personal note, we find there’s spiritual attack associated with some of our guests’ messages. Satan really hates truth and any victory associated with Jesus. 

Sometimes, we find ourselves in the line of fire simply because we invited some heroic guest. We double down on prayer then. Sure, it’s one thing to take a quick hit because of one week’s show. But it’s a whole ‘nother thing to be that champion out in the world presenting a powerful message daily. Therefore, we keep praying for our guests long after they do a show with us.

I bet you know EXACTLY what I mean. Please pray before our guests. Believe me I pray for you. Our dedicated prayer warrior women pray for you, too.

Faith and Failures

stephen Tilmon, Host of Faith and FailuresStephen Tilmon of Faith and Failures

Speaking of needing prayer, I recently joined the wonderful Stephen Tilmon on his show, Faith and Failures. We talked about the internal struggle that goes with an abortion. The pain lasted long after my decision. Yet, I know from experience, there is life after abortion.

Stephen asks serious questions. But he also sprinkles on his trademark humor and kindness for a lively, compassionate conversation. If abortion is tugging at your heart, don’t miss this one! Or, for more about the vision behind Faith and Failures, click here.

Be Real

Most importantly, for your next podcast invite, remember this. Be real. Life is not a perfection contest. Hosts are people, too. Stuff happens at my house all the time, but I still have an interview to record. Whatever else happens in the background of your life, why not share it? 

Honestly, your authenticity will make a better show—and friendship. At first, I only asked people I knew to be on the show. Now, I pray and take a chance. Many guests were strangers when we began but we connected personally while planning their show. Listening friends write me with suggestions and prayers. Now my guests and listening/reading friends are my real friends. Old friends and new ones.

We hope your next podcast results in many new friendships. Best wishes for many happy broadcasts! And lots of life-changing conversations!

May we pray together?

Dear good Father, You are calling us to influence our world for good. We thank You for being the great Communicator. Your message is good news for those willing to hear it. We praise You for sending Your Son to bring us forgiveness and the message of Your initiating, unfailing love for each one of us. Help us use technology, media, and all the tools You provide to Your glory. Give hope to those who need it. In Jesus’s name, we pray. Amen.

We LOVE to hear from YOU!

What’s the strangest question you’ve ever been asked? What big dream is pressing its way out of your heart? Who would you like for us to interview next?

Cathy Krafve, Columnist, Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster, and Christian Writer, invites your stories, ideas, and questions at CathyKrafve.com. Truth with a Texas Twang.

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