Hands Full: Humor and Inspiration for Devoted Mommies with Brooke Frick
Author and mother of five, Brooke Frick

How did Brooke Frick ever get to the place where she’s about to be a published author–while raising FIVE kiddos?! With humor, inspiration, and with her Hands Full

Her success could easily ruin my day to know somebody is that successful, especially if they pretend like they’re perfect and it’s all easy for them!

Not Brooke, though. Oh no. She tells the real story and it’s hilarious. 

She makes me want to hang in there and be a great woman, while somehow coping with the crazy stuff we all face daily. By crazy, I mean chaos of tiny ones and the weird attitudes of grown-ups. Oh, wait, is that my weird attitude showing?

Hands Full

Brooke and her husband had five kids in six and a half years. “That’s almost not humanly possible one after another like that,” laughs Brooke.

In our interview, Brooke shares the struggles of multiple kids. She also tells of an upcoming adventure: they plan to travel the U.S.A. in an R.V. Brave Mommy! Click here for our interview and more podcasts. Here’s more about Brooke’s publisher, CrossRiver Media.

Traveling with Tots

Right after they knew she was pregnant with the twins, the Fricks flew from California to Virginia to deliver their news in person to family. 

Brooke’s writing is so authentic, she gives me chills.

Imagine the trip home to California. Three little wiggly, worn-out boys flying cross country with exhausted parents, one of them newly pregnant with twins. My, what courage! (For ideas about terrific staycations, click here.)

Brooke and her hubby continually swapped seats and entertained the boys as best they could, trying hard not to impose on fellow passengers. The boys were four, five years old, and sixteen months.

The Man on the Airplane (Bless His Heart)

“I just remember as we’re walking off the plane—we had blankets, jackets, so much stuff that we’re grabbing and walking off the plane. I hear this voice from the background, definitely loud enough for me to hear, kinda directed at me, but not specifically talking to me, and he said, ‘I think you need one more kid.’” All around her people laughed. So funny. Ha ha ha. 

Personally, I think the guy was prophetic. Maybe God showed him Brooke and her hubby were raising kids to bless future generations. Maybe the guy was being kind? Okay, maybe not.

“Oh my gosh, I’m gonna cry,” Brooke thought, struggling to maintain her composure with everyone watching. “Because here I was already overwhelmed when I found out we were having twins. They were spontaneous, it wasn’t something we were trying for.”

For Brooke, her fear was painful.

“He said that comment not knowing that there are two little baby girls in my belly. I was eight or ten weeks pregnant,” she recalls. “A tear came down on my cheek. And I just walked out; I didn’t turn around. I didn’t say anything, no response.” (I preordered Brooke’s book here.)

For about what to do when you feel overwhelmed, read the full article, here

To follow the Frick Family adventures, sign up for her blog here. To keep you encouraged, here's an excerpt from her book, Hands Full:

“I was trying to fill five little cups of water with an empty pitcher. Sometimes our cups runneth over, but what I’ve found—as a busy mom of young children—is that more often than not, my cup runneth dry. And I need help. While it feels like failure to admit it, it isn’t. It is just reality. 

Friend, if you’re feeling overwhelmed like me, but a little defensive about it, I understand. And I would reach across the page and hug you if I could. And share my Kleenex. Not a used one, of course, that would be gross. But you could pull one from my box.”

May we pray together?

Dear Father in Heaven, You are so good to us. Even when we don’t understand the plans You have for us, we can trust You. Thank You for loving us with unfailing, patient love. Give us vision for inspiring fond memories through family adventures. Strengthen our character so we can pass along strong character to our children. Remind us to scoop them up today and love them with joyful abandon and good humor. Thank You for the way You inspired Brooke to pass on encouragement to other mommies. For any reading friends who need inspiration and encouragement today, O Lord, we ask You to bless us now. Fill us with hope. Show us the good things You have in store for those who love You and are called according to Your purpose. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen.

We LOVE to hear from YOU!

What adventures spark your imagination? What have people said that unintentionally hurt you? How has a stranger’s remarks encouraged you?

Coming Soon: More Devotions and Comfort

As Brooke talked about being the mom of many kids, I never forgot that some women crave motherhood, only to be disappointed. Ever since we began the show, I wanted to talk about miscarriage. I am truly thrilled to welcome Lindsey Bell to the show. She is an answer to prayer. Lindsey offers comfort to moms who’ve had miscarriages, plus she addresses the universal nature of pain. 

That’s James Michener in the background with my mom and some friends.

Like Brooke, Lindsey wrote a devotion book based on her experiences. Unbeaten tells the story of overcoming pain. (I also want to gather some info for those struggling with infertility, if you can suggest an expert.)

If you love devotional books, you’re also going to love the new one out by my friend and math genius, Angie Ruark. So watch for her interview coming soon on a FTR podcast near you! (For more Fireside Talk Radio episodes, click here.)

Finally, I am truly excited to announce that Abba’s Answers is out! I have one story in this beautiful anthology along with dozens of other inspiring stories. (For more about Deb Butterfield, click here.) If you are looking for encouragement or a special kind of devotional via story-telling, you’ll love this book. I highly recommend it as a gift.

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