Gratitude, the Search for Wisdom, and Personal Conversation with Ellen Krafve Trant

This week we’re celebrating blessings with heartfelt gratitude. Guess what? YOU are one of my blessings!

Big news. In 2020, Fireside Talk Radio podcasts downloaded over 3 million times. Wow! THREE Million. Huge! Most importantly, we are truly grateful for all YOU’ve done to help us catapult the messages of heroic people out into the universe. Please pray their tender stories keep comforting others.

Plus, David and I traveled to Fort Worth to speak to the brave and talented ladies of Provarsu of the Fort Worth Women’s Club. Fun because they are amazing. Brave because they came out with masks and big hearts!

Here’s a shout out to Sylvia, some new Fort Worth friends, and the ladies of The Women’s Club Provarsu.

More big news. My first book, The Well: the Art of Drawing Out Authentic Conversations, is out on Amazon! In gratitude, we’re honoring our partner in this project, Elk Lake Publishing. Plus, sending out bucket-loads of gratitude to our fine editors, Sue FairchildSusan Stewart, and publisher Deb Haggerty, every chance we get!

The Well is a content-rich, easy-to-read, idea-packed guide with over 40 communication strategies Jesus used for transforming lives. Simple stuff we can do today to transform our own conversations. (Look for our next book, Marriage Conversations: From Co-existing to Cherished in February of 2021. More info here.)

From Isolated to Influential: One Conversation Away

The Well: The Art of Drawing Out Authentic Conversations

I love the way Jesus takes one woman from isolated to influential in ONE conversation. 

Next, our daughter Ellen Krafve Trant came on Fireside Talk Radio to help me talk about communicating wisely and why I write. Can I say this in public? I’m so proud and grateful for how well the book turned out. See the above paragraphs in case you think for one split second I take any credit at all—Elk Lake Publishing delivered the goods!

To find that episode and many more, click here.

Yep, Gratitude is My Middle Name

If you love the story of the woman at the well, you’ll love this fresh look at her life. Told as only a woman could, I incorporated all the truth we’ve learned from listening to other women tell their most tender stories with authenticity. 

So, we have a lot to be grateful for this week at Camp Krafve. Personally, as I pray, here are the things reducing me to tears on my knees. 

  • God loves me anyway. In spite of. Beyond my comprehension, my weakness is dear to Him. Including my frailties, flaws, yucky stuff, human tendency to sin, all of the ick.
  • He hears me when I cry out to Him.
  • God surrounds me with those who love me anyway, too.
  • He uses me in spite of my frailties and FEAR in unexpected ways because He is that good. 
  • This one may surprise you because it’s so simple, but I constantly thank Him for a clean, soft pillow at night and a roof that doesn’t leak. Maybe we camped in the rain when I was a child, but somehow that always makes the top of my list.
  • If you know my story, you know I’m grateful to be a mom and grandmom in ways that are extremely personal. Each day with my family is an undeserved blessing I receive with true gratitude. 

Communicating with Wisdom


(In this episode, I tell the truth about why I NEVER wanted to look closely at the woman at the well! Not in a million years did I think this Bible story would be my first book!)


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