Curiosity: Teaching Your Child to Glory in Education

Cathy Laughing with GrandsonHappy New Year! 2020 was probably one of the weirdest years I’ve ever lived through. Still, I’m a silver lining kind of gal. One thing I liked about 2020 was the way families got more time together. Last year forced us to rediscover the glory of education. How can we ramp up our kids’ natural curiosity to our advantage this coming year? 

Educating our children can be stressful at times. Especially this last year when it came to homeschooling and online learning. (For easy FREE homeschool lessons.)

Did I say 2020 was weird? I meant to say downright CRAZY! But self-learning may hold hope for your family.

The Glory of Education

Education is glorious. A true privilege. Our American forefathers exalted and treasured education. It’s not enough to get an education and glorify yourself. The purpose of education is to serve others. 

Parents across our nation understand this principle. I guess 2020 proved our willingness to make sacrifices in the name of educating our kiddos.

No, as much as we like to think so, education is not about making money. Sure, we want a stable lifestyle for our children. But education is about being better people, about making a difference in our world. (For our new book on ways to communicate effectively with those you love.)

Natural Curiosity and Learning

The purpose of education is to serve others. To be great learners, we have to be curious. I love the natural curiosity of children.

“I have no special talents, I’m only passionately curious.” ~Albert Einstein

A talented educator and Mommy to two adorable children, Anna Krafve Pierce came on Fireside Talk Radio to talk about the glories of education with me. (Inspire self-learning in your kids with easy DIY curriculum.)

Here’s our definition of curious: Curious—fascinated by all God created and thus, glorifying Him in serving others.Anna shares a personal story about a school program she and a bunch of enterprising friends took into local elementary schools for Texas History Month. Two out of four of their “Pardners in Education” responded to the call to teach as adults. For more FTR podcasts, click here.

Read More about The Clues in Curiosity. Also what kids' Questions Reveal Their Natural Curiosity and how Mess Ups Reveal Strengths, Too.

It’s easy to overlook your child’s genius. Or, for that matter, our own genius. (Speaking of people who educate me, here’s a shout out to Toginet’s Production Manager and Creative Director Roy Bryan.)

Reading Stirs Curiosity

If you also love books about creating healthy family communication, please consider The Well: The Art of Drawing Out Authentic Conversations.

This time of year is perfect for cozy days spent sharing a good book together. May you spend many happy hours lavished on great literature with those you love.



May we pray together?

Dear Father in heaven, we thank You for quiet moments spent together. Gentle companionship surely is a little taste of heaven on earth. Make us aware of Your presence. Help us cherish moments spent pondering our kids’ questions. Thank You for books. Help us notice our children’s strengths. Prepare our hearts and minds for the unfolding year. Give us wisdom from above. Bless us now because that is Your heart’s desire. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

We LOVE to hear from YOU!

How do you pique your child’s natural curiosity? In what ways did others share valuable wisdom when you were a child? What is your favorite book and why?

Cathy Krafve, Speaker, Blogger, Podcaster, and author of The Well: The Art of Drawing Out Authentic Conversations and Marriage Conversations: From Coexisting to Cherished. We welcome your stories, ideas, and questions at Truth with a Texas Twang.

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