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Motherhood Talk RadioIt’s always a riot when Motherhood Talk Radio’s Sandra Beck and I talk. Mostly, I try not to say anything that would embarrass my kids. She got me talking about the way we all want better communication and I started telling stories.

Two talkative gals. Dangerous.

I’m pretty sure I don’t owe my kids any apologies. See what you think…

Sandra invited me on her show Motherhood, Inc, to talk about the challenges of communicating in our families. Find this episode here or here. We talked about my book, The Well, The Art of Drawing Out Authentic Conversation (Elk Lake Publishing, 2020). You can find more podcasts on Fireside Talk Radio.)

Sandra Beck and Better CommunicationsSandra Beck is known for better communications.

That’s a Great Question!

I do things spontaneously with Sandra I would not do with other people. I talk about things, I don’t normally share. Clearly, Sandra asks great questions; a key to better communication. She has a relaxing effect on me. I hope you enjoy our conversation. Here’s a sample of the stuff we talked about.

Sandra Shares a Story

“I had to have a tough conversation recently because one of our family friends, very good friends, their older son offered my younger son pot,” Sandra recounts. Three families were involved. 

Is marijuana even legal in California? I don’t know. The point is we all have moments when we have to have tough conversations in order to preserve relationships we really value.  

Three similar families with kids who hang out frequently. Two similar conversations. Basically, the same information shared. One set of parents thanked Sandra for the info. The other parents? Well, you guessed it. That conversation tanked.

I shared a personal story from my parenting adventures, too. If you have kids, you’ll laugh along with us. Sometimes, parents’ antics are more flabbergasting than the teenagers! We’ve all been hurt when a conversation backfired on us. Oh, for better communication!

Read More personal stories. Plus, more about Messy People, Better Communication, and Claiming the Influence God has for YOU!

Find my book about His better communication strategies here.

Thank You, Sandra Beck!

Speaking of influential women, Sandra was the first person to help me create a manuscript out of my passion for the story about the woman at the well. 

Along the way, she also helped me transform a pile of notes about marriage for my kids into a real book. Marriage Conversations: From Coexisting to Cherished (CrossRiver Media) releases in a few weeks. (Preorder your copy of Marriage Conversations.)

As you listen in, I bet you love Sandra as much as I do. 

Thanks, San, for inviting me on Motherhood Talk Radio. Our friendship is always fun and inspiring. You make my life better in every way, my friend! I can’t wait to talk over how to have terrific Marriage Conversations with you soon!

The Well Author Cathy Krafve



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 Great News! Marriage Conversations: From Coexisting to Cherished releases within the next few weeks!   

Plus, in an upcoming Fireside Talk Radio, Nancy Kay Grace shares some powerful stuff about grace. This is one lady I love to quote!

Especially for homeschoolers, I get to interview a leader in the field soon, Jack Sharpe of Bethlehem Books Publishing. I’m pretty infatuated with the way Bethlehem resurrects classic books for kids. I bet you will fall in love with them, too.

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