God’s Best During Your Worst with Robin Luftig



What would you do if you only had ten days left to live? Most of us will never know. But what if you did? How do you uncover God’s best during the worst moments of your life? 

Robin Luftig found out the hard way. By way of a brain tumor. What she learned about communication impressed me. (Find Robin’s book, God’s Best During Your Worst here.)

It was so fun to talk to Robin, I feel like He healed Robin just for me. Silly, I know, but don’t be surprised if you feel the same way! Find her interview and many more at Fireside Talk Radio.

Trust Issues?

“I’m laying in a hospital bed. I’m paralyzed on my right side. And I’ve just been told I have this tumor on my brain. That I will need surgery in about ten days because I could die,” recounts Robin. In that moment, God’s soft voice whispered a message again.  

“I hear Him say, ‘Do you trust me?’ I knew I was on the road to something spectacular, she says. Maybe she didn't know if she would live or die, "but I knew it was going to be spectacular.”

How would you respond if you found out they were about peel a tumor the size of your doctor’s fist off your brain? Maybe you haven’t had a brain tumor. Robin knows shocking pain is not one size fits all. 

Where the Rubber Meets the Road, Baby!

“So many people aren’t given a warning. I was given a warning. Now, thankfully, I didn’t die. But I used that time the best I could,” explains Robin. 

Robin knew the pain a broken marriage can bring and the joy of a happy marriage. As a gifted teacher and author, she enjoyed speaking all over the country before the tumor. But now what?

“I had to seek out God. Because I’d been talking about how wonderful Jesus is. I talk to women about healing their brokenness. But now, I’m faced with where the rubber meets the road, baby. This is it. Do I really believe what I say? I spent those ten days searching God.”

Communication is key, she explains. 

Crisis Communication

Read more of Robin's story here.

“When I was dealing with my seizure, even before my husband walked in the room, I was communicating with God. Saying, ‘God, are you taking me home? Is this it?' I didn’t know,” Robin explains. 

Communicating with God was her first response. But what about communicating with her husband? 

“Then, when my husband came in, I needed to pull him into this conversation, but I couldn’t speak. So, I could only look at him and he got it,” she says, then adds with a laugh, “because he’s just that wonderful. He’s just wonderful. He’s my rock. I just adore him.

Through her eyes, he understood she was panicking. What an amazing communication moment! 

They rushed her to the hospital and spent a suspenseful night with doctors, nurses, and technicians. As soon as she had something to report, early the next morning, she called her children. She comforted them the best she could in the midst of the unknown. 

Read More from Robin about Dealing With Heartache.

God’s Best: A Prayer Away

Amazingly, Robin’s first response to trauma began with prayer. If only my own heart would run that direction.

Honestly, though, the first real prayer I ever prayed was pretty wimpy. 

“I don’t know if You really exist, Jesus, or if You're really still alive, but my sister and many friends seem to think so. If You are a Savior, I need one. Please show me Yourself.”

Wimpy, maybe. But it turns out a timid prayer like mine is very powerful. If that prayer expresses your heart, I invite you to try it out for yourself.  

God is listening to answer with His best in our worst moments.

Never be afraid to pray a simple prayer.

God hears us! His forgiveness and love extend beyond human imagination, no matter the trauma or heartache you’ve experienced. 

We LOVE to hear from YOU!

When has God answered a timid prayer for you? What’s your favorite quote or meme? How have you recognized God’s best in your worst?



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