Resurrecting Books: Values that Unite with Jack Sharpe

Jack Sharpe and his beautiful wife, Jean, spent Texas’s worst snowstorm in a hundred years in our cabin near our home in East Texas. I believe in divine appointments like Bill Bright used to call them. Jack and Jean spent the last twenty-plus years resurrecting books, the classics for kids.

So, was it really an accident we met? Heck, no! (Jack is in Texas for a couple more weeks. Now is a great time to invite him to your Sunday school class, book club, curriculum summit, or homeschooling event.)

Resurrecting Books

You know what a nut I am for books of any kind, but books that teach good old common sense values to kids? Along with accurate history. Appreciation for all the multitude of cultures mankind imagined over the centuries. Add to that respect for God. Oh my!

Naturally, I couldn’t wait to catch Jack and Jean’s story in an interview. Who are these people and how did they know children’s books needed rescuing back in the 80s?

Ironically, the Sharpes traveled to Texas to escape North Dakota’s frigid winter months. They are part of Bethlehem Books. Many homeschoolers will recognize Bethlehem’s name. 

Bethlehem Books

“For those of you who don’t know us—Bethlehem Books is a small, home-grown publishing company dedicated to restoring to children and families a treasury of wholesome, character-building literature. We are more than just a business. Our work springs from the heart of the Bethlehem Community of Benedictine Oblates, a lay group of families and single people which began in 1971,” reads Bethlehem’s opening statement.

With the Sharps close by, Dave and I took the opportunity to ask Jack lots of questions. Especially about creating community, while overcoming division. Almost instantly, we grew to respect the scholarly, yet practical way he thinks about faith. Plus, in a real boon to us, Jack showed David how to fix busted pipes. 

All the while, Jean devotes herself to the many behind-the-scenes tasks necessary when rescuing classic children’s literature. With Easter around the corner, I like to think of her work as resurrecting books. (Find more on peaceful celebrations of Easter with DIY Stations of the Cross.)

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May we pray together?

Dear good heavenly Father, You amaze me with Your goodness. As we pray for our nation, for those who spread good news, we seem to have them “accidentally” showing up at our house. How can You love me so much? Thank You for the privilege of sharing so many good people with each other. Thank You once again for my listening and reading friends who partner with David and me, often behind the scenes, unheralded, but beloved.

For our new friends in North Dakota, we thank You and ask You to bless them. For publishers, like CrossRiver, Elk Lake, and Bethlehem, all around this nation who are making sacrifices to stay relevant in a changing culture, protect and prosper them, O Lord. Please protect Brooke and Darrell, granting traveling mercies for their family. Teach us, O Lord, to draw near to You and bring the next generations with us into Your presence. Bless us now because that is Your heart’s desire. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

We LOVE to hear from YOU!

How do you put the unity in your community? When have you given God enough room to work instead of trying to fix another person? Which ones are your favorite children’s classics?

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