Searching Out the Glory in Each Other: Cherishing Your Marriage with Jack Sharpe

Jack Sharpe returned to the show to talk about kids books, one of my favorite subjects. But he veered off into territory I couldn’t resist; cherishing your marriage. You’ll love what he said about searching out the glory hidden in each other.  

Cherishing Your Marriage with Jack Sharpe's Wisdom
I especially liked the way he described the husband searching out the glory God hides in a wife. His ideas forced my brain to process lickety-split. Here are the three basic principles Jack shared for searching out the glory God hides in marriage. 
Just in time for Easter, Jack (pictured with David and I) took a selfie with us in front of our DIT Stations of the Cross.

Searching Out the Glory  

Three principles for searching out the glory God hides in marriage– 

1) Jesus gives His glory to the Church.

2) God hides the glory of a marriage in the wife.

3) Searching out the glory in his marriage is the glory of the husband.

To clarify, I’ll try to share all that he said. So, keep reading. However, please listen in for the nuances you won’t want to miss!

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May we pray together?

Dear good Father, we’ll be celebrating the Savior’s resurrection again soon. This seems like a good year for reminders about Your faithful love for each one of us. Thank you for the rebirth all around us in the fresh grass, the blossoming trees, all the new life. Mercifully, You are our faithful Companion as we figure out how life looks now. Thank You for hearing to our prayers. For Your unfailing love and direction, we thank You. Help us cherish each other with tender wholeheartedness. Teach us to live together as we search out Your glory with each other. Bless us now because that’s Your heart’s desire. In Jesus’s name. Amen

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How do you know when your spouse is listening? When have headed one direction only to discover God had different plans for you? Which childhood books changed your life?

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