Blaming God? The Tender Questions God Asks Us with Paula Quinn
Paul shares wisdom gleaned from years of pondering the tender questions God asks us.

Happy Resurrection Day! I don’t know about you, but I regularly need a little personal resurrection from my bad attitudes. My bad habits. The whole works, especially my heart. One symptom is subtle, blaming God.

If I pause long enough to think, blaming God cracks me up. Especially when little kids do it. God wants me to eat a whole basket of Easter candy today.

Ever feel like blaming God? Of course. Sometimes, we all feel forgotten by God. We all may feel like it’s His fault somehow whenever things get tough.

God Coulda Stopped This

Such a convenient way to release ourselves from culpability! God made me do it. It must be His fault I ate so many potato chips because potatoes taste so good. Or I feel so overwhelmed.

Or, another favorite line: God coulda stopped this from happening.

But behind the blame is a false assumption, according to Paula Patton Quinn, author of Questions God Asks Us. And she nailed it down for me in our recent interview.

“God is withholding from me,” is the thought behind our feelings of abandonment, according to Paula. (Find how one man responded in a life-threatening situation.)

Blaming God?

Since Paula has vast experience in America’s judicial system, she’s seen more than her share of injustice. (Find more about responding to injustice.)

Naturally, Paula has a deep appreciation of mercy and compassion. (Find more from Paula here.)

“That whole idea of forgotten by God or blaming God, either one, starts with Adam and Eve,” says Paula. She explains how Adam blamed God for his sin. “‘Well, it’s that woman you gave me. It’s not my fault. You’re the one who came up with that idea.’ You know, before, they were in paradise,” she laughs. 

In this episode, Paula goes into much more detail about how control and blaming God work together to sabotage our lives. Plus, she explains the benefits of meditation and contemplation. Deep stuff, but don’t miss the difference between the two! Find this and more Fireside Talk Radio podcasts. Read the full article HERE.

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