Feel Overwhelmed? The Grace Impact Changes Everything

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes. When our lives overwhelm us, we need grace. But what is grace exactly? Happily, my friend Nancy Kay Grace showed up to talk about one of our favorite topics together. So, I asked her to tell of an ongoing challenge facing her for many years.

Nancy knew in her spirit something was wrong. 

“I shouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night with pain in my tongue,” she says.

Along the way, she developed a sore on her tongue. First, her initial doctor gave her remedies and suggested she wait and see if it healed. Next, another doctor confirmed that approach. (Find more about how the right conversation can change everything here.)

Nancy Kay Grace, shown here, meeting life’s challenges with peace and joy!

Grace to Persist

Since her situation felt ominous, she persisted in spite of their reassurances.

“It’s probably an ulcer,” the oral surgeon suggested, removing the sore, just in case.

“I had oral surgery right then and there in his office. The surgery took longer and he had to remove more of my tongue than just a small section. He almost didn’t send it off for biopsy because he didn’t think I fit the profile for cancer,” she reports.

Later that day, Nancy went home with stitches in her tongue. Suddenly, She couldn’t talk and couldn’t eat. Naturally, her head was spinning. What is happening here?

In this episode, you get to hear many more details of what Nancy Kay Grace’s battle with tongue cancer. Plus, you can hear it in her own voice, clearly spoken. Such beautiful evidence of Gods grace impacting her life! And ours, too! Find this and all our podcasts on Fireside Talk Radio.

When We Feel Overwhelmed

A couple days later she got a phone call and found out it was cancer. That night she prayed through her fingers, sitting at her piano. (Find how musically-challenged mommies can inspire their music-loving children.)

“I played and I prayed through my fingers. I couldn’t sing because my tongue was all messed up,” she explains. “But I prayed through my fingers and prayed and I released it all to God. I said, ‘Whatever is ahead, Lord, I turn this over to You and I believe You are going to be with me.’” 

In that moment of prayer, she describes a perfect exchange. 

“The peace of God came over me. I knew it was a peace given for just such a time as that when someone is at a very critical point of receiving some difficult news.”

The Picture of Grace

When I first met Nancy several years ago, she extended grace to me naturally without even realizing it. I’m really sensitive to grace. Yep, because I mess up a lot.

I noticed immediately Nancy is not judge-y or condemning, but really compassionate. Sometimes people dish out a ton of rejection and condemnation out of their own self-condemnation. But not this kind-hearted lady!

For over a year now, I’ve wanted to interview Nancy on Fireside Talk Radio, but she couldn’t talk! Yet, each time I talked to her throughout the year, I was amazed at her rapid improvement and her clearer enunciation. What a beautiful miracle to watch God’s grace at work in my friend’s life! I find Nancy inspiring. FIND THE FULL ARTICLE

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