Grace-filled Families: The Grace Impact on Family with Nancy Kay Grace, Her Wisdom

“Vows often say the words for better or worst. There’s a starry eyed bride and groom repeating the vows and when I see them I think they have no clue!” Nancy Kay Grace returned this week to talk about grace-filled families. “They have no clue what’s coming. I didn’t and I’ve been married for 45 years!”

“All couples are incompatible. We all married the wrong people.” she adds, laughing and paraphrasing Stanley Hauerwas, a prolific modern Christian writer and thinker who was born in Dallas, Texas. (I had to throw Dallas in there. Find more great marriage quotes.)

Nancy Kay Grace, shown right, talked with me on Fireside Talk Radio to tell some funny and some personal stories.

So, how do we create grace-filled families? Where do we get the patience to keep loving when our people get really messy?

In our interview Nancy shared more about their prodigal child. I hope you listen in for encouragement on so many levels. Find this and all our Fireside Talk Radio podcasts.

Dandelion Disaster

She compares grace in marriage to a dandelion disaster that cropped up in their yard. 

Nancy, in an attempt to help her husband, sprayed each and every dandelion with Round Up.  By the time he came home that evening, brown patches spotted their yard like a woman wearing polka-dots. 

To his credit, he didn’t say much except to note the change. 

“The next day, I was going to go out and dig up all the little brown spots,” she can laugh now about how she compounded her mistake. “So, now I have holes scattered across the whole front yard. It was a disaster.” 

She chalks up her mistake to not asking for help. Boy, haven’t we all learned the hard way to ask the right questions! Obviously, Nancy’s heart was in the right place, wanting to help her hubby, Rick, but…. 

“If I had waited and talked through with him, talked through a plan, we would have tackled the problem and the lawn disaster would have been averted,” she reports, citing the advantage of working together as a united team. “It wouldn’t have looked like crop circles!”

Finally, the only natural conclusion of her front yard failure unfolded.

“At the end of that season we had to plant new grass. Totally tear it up and plant new grass,” she says, adding with a chuckle, “And also to keep the neighbors from laughing about what was happening at the Grace household.”(Find more of Nancy’s stories in her book, Grace Impact: When Our Lives Overwhelm.)

Marriage and the Grace-filled Family

Nancy explains why grace is so important in marriage to create a grace-filled family. FIND THE FULL ARTICLE

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for listening and reading!! ❤️ 



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