Broken Marriage: Re/Engage No Matter How Bad the Crisis with Susan Cox, Her Story

Nobody wants a broken marriage. Of course, we all want the happily ever after, fairy dust marriage. Where is the line for THAT marriage? Yet many of us reach a breaking point of frustration and pain in our marriage. Maybe we even wonder if there’s any hope. Eventually, we may feel like giving up.  

God blessed me with an interview with Susan, shown right. What a treat for us all

“I showed up broken and wanting to hide,” says Susan Cox, Director of Re/Engage, about the first time she came to her church, Watermark Community Church. 

Maybe marriage seems easy for some people. But for a lot of us, it’s harder than it looks. (Especially the communication piece, in my case!)

Probably all people can relate to feeling hurt at one point or another.

In this episode, Susan shares many more personal stories about how rough it was for them and how they got on course for the cherishing marriage they have today. Find this interview and many more podcast at Fireside Talk Radio.

Wedding Vows Omission

“Girl, if I could go back to the day of my wedding, I wish the pastor had added in these two verses,” she laughs, “I wish he’d added in I Corinthians 7:28 which simply just says for those who marry, you’re going to have trouble.”

Next, she points to another informative verse when it comes to creating unity in marriage. Especially for restoring a broken marriage.

“I also wish he’d added in Romans 3:23 that just says, ‘For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,’” she adds. 

Have you ever been to a wedding with those verses included in the vows? Of course not. Well, that is, unless you are in a very exceptional church. (In a step of faith, bring Re/Engage to your church. Or find out more.Clearly, it’s no wonder marriage can mean such hard work!

Hiding and Broken

Often, churches can offer support and true help, even life-changing strategies. But not everyone feels comfortable in church. For instance, Susan remembers her first impression when she finally sought out some help.

“I remember sitting in that room thinking I cannot open my mouth and let these church people know what’s going on behind closed doors,” she says now, years later. “I mean, our story involved fights that escalated to the point that 911 calls were made.” 

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As she sat in the crowd she thought, there is no way these guys and gals can ever find out what’s going on. What would they think? What would they say about us?

In our interview, Susan shared much more about how hidden baggage from our past can create ongoing issues in a broken marriage. For example, she named family of origin issues like alcoholism and sexual abuse. (What do you do if you discover sexual abuse in family? Find our interview with Deb L. Butterfield. Or check out what Sarah Van Hook said on rebuilding family relationships after sexual abuse.)

“I had hotel keys in the bottom of my purse. I was in the middle of an affair,” she reports. “My husband was unfaithful as he was traveling coast to coast in business.” Plus, she was “entrenched in the throes of pornography.” (For more help, find Rosie MaKinney’s interview about porn addictions and porn-proofing your kids.)

Immediate Help for a Broken Marriage

Fortunately, the pivotal moment that morning came when the lead pastor spoke to Susan’s heart. FIND THE FULL ARTICLE

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for listening and reading!! ❤️ 



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