Reboot a Marriage: Re/Engage with Humility to Melt Hearts of Stone
Re?Engage's Susan Cox with her family   CahyKrafve.comI needed to reboot a marriage. My own marriage. I was tripping David with the way I communicated. If only I could summon up more courage and humility. But I felt crushed, defeated, and very, very insecure. 


And angry. Why did everybody else seem to have great marriages but me?

Susan CoxRe/Engage Director at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, joined me to talk about how we reboot a marriage. Both our own and those hurting marriages all around us. (Susan with her beloved family shown above.)

Truthfully, over 37 years ago I didn’t know the best ways to communicate. Eventually I was so frustrated, I didn’t care. Still, it hurts me to remember I was so ineffective in the way I communicated that I risked our marriage over it.

Susan offers us the simplest, best approach ever!

Reboot a Marriage, Couples Restoring Each Other

“Humility melts the heart of stone. Colossians 3 tells us we are to bathe ourselves in humility,” says Susan CoxRe/Engage Director at Watermark Community Church in Dallas. Then, she adds with a laugh, “Husbands and wives, if you’re listening, when you get dressed every morning, we should bathe ourselves in humility!”

Humility. Simple, yes. Easy, well, ahem, maybe not for some of us!

Through Re/Engage, Susan joins tens of thousands of couples to share tools to restore and reboot a marriage anywhere people are ready for a change. 

“The beautiful thing about this is it’s the gospel. The core principles of this ministry is God’s word. It’s God’s people. It’s God’s Spirit,” Susan adds.

In this episode, Susan Cox shares a bunch more about how humility enhances everything in a marriage. Plus, we share some great stories from our own marriages. Find this and many more podcasts at Fireside Talk Radio. 

Unsung Marriage Champion

Not that she would ever admit it, but God is using Susan as something of an unsung marriage champion. All because she humbly sought help and had the courage to step into authenticity herself. 

First, she and her husband had some work to do rebooting a marriage of their own. (Find Susan’s story.) Fortunately, they found a community of couples willing to help and encourage along the way. Next, she grew to trust the scriptural principles because she realized they work. Eventually, she gained so much passion for marriage restoration that she simply couldn’t stop talking about it.

Now she directs Re/Engage, a ministry equipping couples to help each other. As news spreads of it’s success, growth has been crazy with churches calling regularly to bring Re/Engage to their communities. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

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