Healthy Marriage: Ready or Knot to Grow Strong Marriages
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Imagine my delight when I opened Scott Kedersha’s book and found hilarious chapter titles like, Do I Have to Visit Your Parents? Yep, our conversation was pretty fast and sometimes funny. 
With Memorial Day, as we take a close look at role models and healthy marriage, we know some families are remembering loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of us.
Please know we are grateful and we haven’t forgotten you or your family. 

Shown left: Scott and their boys let Kristen relax once in awhile.



So are you ready or knot for a healthy marriage?

For instance, here’s one question we really all oughta ask. How to keep from making the mistakes we’ve watched other people make? Heck, maybe even our own parents!

TV Role Models

“Part of the challenge is we have no good models of what it looks like to have a good marriage,” says Scott, sympathizing. “So, we look to the things that are right in front of us. It’s going to be television. We’re gonna learn how to do marriage from the Batchelor, from social media. We’re watching Harry and Megan.” Oh, dear, he’s got a point! 

In this episode, I ask Scott about how to deal with hard hearts and bad attitudes. He shared more ideas about how spouses can encourage each other. We also talk about reversing church decline. Find this and many more podcasts on Fireside Talk Radio.

Community for Healthy Marriages

Fortunately, Scott experienced a different option for growing a healthy marriage. (Find Scott’s story.)

“This is where the church has such an amazing, unique opportunity to give a real honest picture of marriage,” Scott explains. “Not a fake one. Not a self-protecting, I’m going to put a good face on the outside, but be miserable on the inside.”

Instead, Scott believes authentic, normal couples pulling together in community can make all the difference for growing strong marriages. In fact, church can offer people the community we crave, according to Scott.

“God designed his Church to be a place where we could find hope, where we find healing, where we could be strengthened,” he begins. “So the Church really needs to step up in this area. And not point people away from the church but draw people in to help us grow healthy marriages.”

Follow the link to read more about Scott's Five Nonnegotiables of Communication and Conflict Resolution.

And know how gratefully I appreciate yu taking the time to check in today!! ❤️

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