Self-Segregation: Breaking Man-Made Boundaries and Fear

Self-Segregation? How do we break man-made boundaries and fear? I want to share a conversation on that topic with you. It’s a little gift from heaven and from my friend, Linda Kreter, host of Wise Health for Women.

God is good. I know because sometimes such fun things happen a loving heavenly Father is the only explanation. Some consequences can only be called mini-miracles. Things for which God intends to remain anonymous, as my Dad used to say. My friendship with Linda is a big, mini-miracle in my life. 

Steps Of Faith Leading to Mini-Miracles

For example, when I decided to speak out about prejudice vs. racism, it was a stretch for me. Clearly, there’s so much vitriol around the topic. I prefer staying safe. I love the topic of healing the culture one family, one conversation at a time. 

But how can families and communities talk with so much free-floating hostility and fear? So, I went for it. 

Amazingly, God rewarded me in unexpected ways. For instance, Linda contacted me out of the blue after the first article: Racism Vs. Prejudice: Inspiring Bold and Noble Ideas

She said, “Let’s talk!” On air. On her wonderful show. See how God blesses us all? One little step of faith. One domino avalanche of blessings for anyone who tunes in.    

In this fast-paced episode, Linda deftly raises the talking points most people try to avoid. Who wants to be labeled racist, right? Yet how can we have conversations if we’re all too afraid to talk? Please listen in. Or find more podcasts on Fireside Talk Radio.

Refusing Self-Segregation

So how do we refuse self-segregation? By stepping into our fear and ignoring the hostility and fear of others. We can boldly cross over man-made divisions. Okay, maybe we do it a little timidly at first. But who cares? As long as we just do it!

In our conversation, I share tons about how we can bridge the race gap, creating friendships across man-made, self-segregating lines. Here's a quick peak:

  • Forego token friendships. Really commit.
  • Step into fear of rejection.
  • Look in the right places.

Of course, we go into much more detail in the podcast. Happily, if you listen in, you’ll also get blessed with Linda’s gentle voice, her authenticity, and her beautiful heart.

Friends Who Challenge and Bless

Seriously, the idea of two white girls talking about race is pretty laughable, you have to admit. But as awkward as we may seem, conversations with Linda always prompt more self-awareness for anyone willing to talk to her. 

In fact, Linda always gently challenges me to have a better heart, a better mind, a clearer purpose. EVERY time I talk to her. I think you will LOVE the way she always goes deeper. Find the other blogs in this series: 

Racism Vs. Prejudice: Inspiring Bold and Noble Ideas

White Gal in a Black Church: How did THAT Happen?

Black Churches: Can White Churches Desegregate Sunday?

Get this though, I first met Linda because I stepped into my fear of podcasting. Yep, I trusted God and I trusted Sandra Beck

Fear of Sharing Personal Perspectives in Public 

Back in 2016, for over a year Sandra encouraged me to start Fireside Talk RadioSign up for our FREE weekly blogs, podcast, and more!

Even before we finally recorded that first episode, she coached me through my other website related media fears. Obviously, sharing personal perspectives in public is huge. But Sandra even came on the show herself and shared her personal story.

Then, she introduced me to a whole bunch of Dynamic Women, who also encouraged me. 

Linda was among those wonderful new friends. Isn't it interesting how God keeps using Linda’s friendship to reward my courage as I trust Him? It’s a blessed pattern in our friendship.

YOU Are Dear to My Heart, Too

Has anyone else ever told you you’re a reward from God? Or an answer to prayer? Whether you know it or not, God is using you in my life, too.

Okay, probably no one says so because who thinks this way? But for the record YOU are a reward and an answer to prayer in my life. I thank God for YOU every day.

Next Stop Book Tour!

We will be going on our first Book Tour soon! Please pray.

  • That God will give us the "divine appointments" He chooses
  • That we will be a blessing
  • That our books will get into the hands of those who will benefit the most
  • That new friendships will be formed for eternity

Our plan is to drive to Lubbock, then Dalhart. Then, we'll turn north and head through Colorado, with stops in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Vail. Fun! Please stop by to see me while we're in YOUR neighborhood! (Our schedule.)

If you have any places you'd like for me to stop, just let us know. Your book club, church, Sunday school, or your favorite book store? I'm all in!

Finally, thank you for being my friend. I am grateful for YOU!

Cathy Krafve with Both Books (so far!)



We LOVE to hear from YOU!

When has the toxic nature of self-segregations affected you? Which fears keep you from stepping over man-made barriers? How are you going to honor God with freedom this week?

May we pray together?

Dear good Father, Thank you for my bold and beautiful friend Linda. And so many others who refuse to stop talking--gently and with authenticity--about race challenges in this free country. Thank you for her courage to ask hard questions. We really want to end self-segregation, Lord. Help us trust You with the good attitudes and good friendships You want to give us. Give us confidence in the good perspectives we can share with others. Teach us to recognize the hurt behind the anger. When folks are misguided, help us offer humble friendship and healing. Teach us to listen to You and to the hearts around us. Help us know when to speak up and what in the world to say. Give us the conversations we need. Teach us to pray. We love You. Bless us now because that’s Your heart’s desire. In His mighty name we pray. Amen.

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