Strong Marriages Equals Healthy Communities: Tips for Encouraging Your Spouse

Dave and I are traveling (read: in a truck cab for extended hours together). On a Book Tour! Yep, it seemed like a great time to post some cool stuff about strong marriages I got from my new friend, Scott Kedersha.

Tips for encouraging your spouse? Well, I probably need them right about now. What about you?

With so much negativity free-floating in our culture today, how do we create strong marriages and healthy communities? How do we find the strength to encourage on another?

Heck, how do we ask to stop at another Buc-ees every few miles? 

Scott Kedersha and wife Kristen goof around with their boys

Scott and Kristen goof around with their four boys.
(photo: Meredith Smith Creative)

The Ripple Affect

Fortunately, we don’t have to grow strong marriages alone.

“Good marriages ripple out to church and community,” says Scott Kedersha.

With joy, I receive Scott’s ideas about living together as forgiven people. Think of the impact! (Read more about Re/Engage where couples come alongside other couples and help each other.)

In case you missed his story and his wisdom, here they are. These two episodes are blowing up on the internet with downloads already! Please don’t miss what this guy has to say. He shared so authentically, I created THREE blogs out of our two interviews. Something I NEVER do. But just for you….

In this episode, Scott shares a very personal story about how forgiveness looks at his house. I ask Scott about how a wife can encourage her hubby. He also shared a ton of reasons why forgiveness is so hard, but so empowering. Find this and many more podcasts on Fireside Talk Radio. Wholehearted Marriages: Conversations for the Strong at Heart with Scott Kedersha, His StoryIn this episode, Scott shares the stuff I included in today’s blog and tons more, including his 5 Nonnegotiables for Communication. Healthy Marriage: Ready or Knot to Grow Strong Marriages with Scott Kedersha, His WisdomFind this and many more podcasts on Fireside Talk Radio.

Scott’s Tips for Encouraging Your Spouse

In the sweetest response to my questions, Scott pointed to Kristen as a champion example of encouragement. (Find much more in his book.)

#1 Remind them of what is right and true. 

“If your husband is a follower of Jesus Christ, he is not defined by his sin. He is defined by Jesus,” says Scott. “So reminding him of what is right and true there.”

If he’s a follower of Jesus Christ, he’s a new creation. Plus, he has a new heart. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop sinning or stop struggling, according to Scott. Still, he’s defined not by sin, but by Jesus. (If your spouse is not a believer, find more about why an analytical, doubtful, cynical person like me became a Christian.)

Read the whole article here.

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