Comic Books and Magazines: Reading for the Adventurous Child

Are you having trouble getting your adventurous child to slow down long enough to read? Comic books and magazines might be a great solution, according to educator, artist, and yep, my oldest daughter, Anna Krafve Pierce, my fellow book-loving word-nerd

Comic Books and Magazines to Inspire Your Adventurous Kids

Picture stories help even the most reading-reluctant children to process language, according to Anna. Seriously. And she has the expertise to back up her opinion. 

Plus, comic books and magazines capture American heroic tales and values. Obviously, parents have to choose their comic books wisely. I threw that in because I’m a bit of a sceptic. 

In this episode, Anna shares more insight, including a personal story about how her son’s hilarious answer on his teacher’s survey, Things I Like About My Mom. Find many more podcasts on Fireside Talk Radio.

Comic Books and Cartoon Adventures

Anna has tons of experience in educating kids of all ages. I confess I used to be a book comic book snob. Of course, that’s long before my artistic daughter challenged me to think harder. Just what slows down an adventurous child long enough to read? Comic books might be the answer after all.

“Figure out what your kid loves and buy them picture book about it—whether that’s a comic or magazine,” says Anna. “My husband loved animals so his parents bought him the Ranger Rick things early.” 

Every issue of Ranger Rick includes a cartoon story in which the animal cartoon characters resolve a conflict while maintaining their friendship, according to Anna.

“My children love it and it’s very wholesome.”

Defining Adventurous

Why would anyone want to encourage their child to be adventurous? Great question! Adventure seems scary, especially to the loving parent who foresees booboos, broken bones, and trips to the emergency room. 

Here’s how we define adventurous.

Adventurous — open to new, even scary experiences in order to grow. Willing to step into fear for the sake of others.

Anna reminded me that we always say the purpose of education is to serve others. 

“That’s why you would be adventurous as well. Because you see an opportunity to make life better for the people around you,” she says. “Or you see an opportunity to obey God, which is essentially the same thing.”

Therefore, you step out of your comfort zone and grow. You take on a new adventure. 

Vicarious Adventure for the Adventure-averse Child

But what if you have a naturally cautious child. Yep, every family has at least one child who likes to play it safe. What a blessing, too!

Reading is an open invitation to explore and experience scary new adventures. All while safely tucked away in a soft arm chair.

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