Memoirs for Kids: Scrapbooking to Own Their Stories Like a True Liberal

He chomped down on the barbecued rib and snarled, tossing his head like a dinosaur. Instantly, he doused the next rib with sauce, devouring several like he hadn’t eaten in days instead of hours. Yep, we were creating memoirs for kids. Scrapbooking with a side of drama.

How do we teach our children to own their stories? Why does it matter? They are so young; do they even have stories?

Memoirs for kids and scrapbooking helps kids tell their own stories.

Hold on to your horses, folks. Certainly, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss. Plus, Anna caught me by surprise with very personal family stories. Wow!

Liberal in the Best Sense of the Word

Eventually we all have stories we NEED to tell, even though it may not seem important when we are young. However, we all want to be heard when it matters to our personal sanity as adults. Why not prepare your kids now to with the skills to tell their stories?

Hopefully, they will thank you later.

Basically, how do we prepare our children to share themselves? To be liberal in all the best senses of the word?

Anna dazzled me with her insight about how giving unites families. She packed tons in, including the family story about a lost cemetery plot. I couldn’t fit everything she said in today’s blog. Please listen in now. Find many more Fireside Talk Radio podcasts.

By The Way: Anna in Action

Educator and Artist Anna Pierce talks about teaching Jesus in her classroom at Grace Community School.Anna talks about teaching Jesus: Here’s the beautiful gal behind the peppy voice, tender heart, and big brain you hear on our podcasts. (Maybe I’m wee bit biased.)

Thank you to our many friends who are downloading our episodes with Anna. In two weeks, her thoughts about comic book and reading with young children have already been downloaded over 300,000 times!!

Our family occasionally gets asked to do videos. Perhaps you might enjoy seeing this video of Anna in her classroom at Grace Community School.

Reclaiming Our Nation’s Misspent Vocabulary

Together, Anna and I are reclaiming words like conservative, liberal, and moderate. Why should political and media hucksters get all the good words, I say!

Clearly, liberality used to be a badge of honor meaning generous. Since when did liberal become an insult?

“Anytime you take language out of a political arena or large bureaucratic arena and make it personal, then there’s more accountability,” explains Anna. “That’s a good thing. The word becomes more useful again, more nuanced.”

Personal Politics Aside

Politically speaking, I consider myself a unique mix of both liberal and conservative. Plus, I’m more moderate when I am really in touch with God’s Spirit. I bet you, too, are some combination of all of the above.

Here’s our Camp Krafve Definition of Liberal: Life-long learning about the generosity of sharing one’s self.

Read the FULL article here.

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