Civic-Minded Kids: PATH for the Next Generation with Andrea Wilson
PATH Executive Director Andrea Wilson's inspiring parents.Andrea Wilson’s inspiring parents.

Naturally, I couldn’t wait to ask PATH Executive Director Andrea Wilson how her parents did it. 

We have so much to be thankful for here in East Texas. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I wanted to highlight PATH

PATH, People Attempting To Help, is a local nonprofit started by a bunch of outstanding ladies in our community in the 1980s. 

PATH and Civic-Minded Help

At PATH, they don’t just dump pretensions at problems. Instead, case workers and volunteers really engage with the people they serve. Each day, they build relationships. 

Dave and I are thankful for the way PATH comes alongside folks when crisis strikes. They are experts at community building, one person, one family at a time.

You’ll love what Andrea said about our attitude toward homelessness. Look for PATH’s mission statement at the end of today’s blog. Sign up for our FREE interviews, podcasts, and blogs here.

Oilpatch Benevolence Fund

One way East Texans can help PATH is through the OBF (Oilpatch Benevolence Fund). If you would like to join us in helping help families who serve in the energy sector, contact our friends at ETCF.

Andrea’s Mom

Andrea shares how her own mother inspired her by her example of generosity and giving herself, not just her spare change.

“I grew up in a household where that was just what she did. She was the one who was taking food to someone was sick, when someone had a baby,” says Andrea. “She instilled in me that that’s just what you do. You help folks who need a helping hand because you never know when that’s gonna be you, too.”

In the early 80s, Andrea’s mom discovered a unique way to serve others, by volunteering at a new nonprofit called PATH. Keep reading for more about Andrea’s Dad and how her parent’s generosity complemented each other.

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Andrea’s Dad

“I have this vivid memory of my dad sitting at the kitchen counter with a checkbook, you know the good ole days. Paying bills, balancing the checkbook,” Andrea reports.  

Apparently, he came across a bunch of random checks Andrea’s mom wrote.

“He said to her, ‘Now, Alma, we make a monthly donation to PATH. I don’t want you passing out checks at that reception window.’”

Ironically, Andrea had the same conversation with her own husband recently about their credit card. She didn’t think he would notice if she filled up a few tanks for people who needed help until one day he asked her, “Why do you need so much gas?”

Oh, the sneaky ways we find to be generous! Hilarious!

The Perfect Balance

What a perfect balance Andrea’s parents provided for each other! He was so careful in his stewardship of their family finances. She was so generous and spontaneous in wanting to help people.

“Mom was not a generous person in spoiling us. But she was so generous in the care she gave other people,” Andrea adds. “I know that influenced my desire to get involved.”

Civic-minded: Conservative AND Liberal? 

I love the way Andrea’s parents epitomize our Camp Krafve definitions of liberal and conservative. Of course, with our culture upside down, our words get tossed around as insults. However, we are determined to push back on those who abuse our language. Find more about a call to common sense.

Our Camp Krafve Definitions of Liberal, Conservative, and Moderate

Naturally, you won’t find our definitions in any dictionary.

  • Liberal—Life-long learning about the generosity of sharing yourself
  • Conservative—Life-long learning about how to steward resources wisely to have something wonderful to share
  • Moderate—the lifelong process of learning to judiciously take into account others’ perspectives without compromising personal conviction.
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