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We never call Camp Krafve a platform. Even though we create emails, a website, weekly blogs, podcasts, and interviews with experts. That doesn’t even count all the social media connectors, like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Nope, to us all this is not our platform, it’s a CATAPULT! So, thank you for helping us forward positive messages each week. We are in this together!

Fireside Talk Radio

Once I checked my math about 5 times, I had questions. Maybe you do, too. (If you came on the show this year, feel free to contact me privately for more info. And thank you!)

Drum Roll, Please! Most Downloaded Episodes of 2021!

Some of My Personal Favorites

Sponsor: Home Instead

All this would not e possible without the support and encouragement of our friends at Home Instead in Tyler, Texas. Not once did they try to steer our conversations in a less controversial direction.

One of our missions was to make it easier for folks to talk about tender topics. We envision folks bring a podcast to their Sunday school class, church, or book club. In the beginning, I was skittish about having Home Instead’s name on some of the more “controversial” episodes. But the local franchisees never wavered. No matter the topic. Wow! What a blessing!

In addition, David and I picked up the difference on production costs. David deserves so much credit for living in such an authentic way with me. Together, we believe in the power of truth to change lives.

If you know any business owners who would like to sponsor a really fun podcast in 2022, we’d love to bring on a couple more partners. We have plans to expand.

Big Thank You

Additionally, Sandra Beck helps me each week by promoting my stuff. I don’t understand algorithms, but I’m pretty sure Sandra’s secret sauce gets our stuff way on out there.

My producer at Toginet, Roy Bryan, patiently helps me each time we interview. Behind the scenes he fixes my flubs and even tolerates it when I decide to leave my goofs, so listening friends know how real we really are.

Additionally, our daughter, Artist and Educator Anna Pierce comes on the show every time her schedule permits. She is a constant blessing and a source of wisdom I never expected. (Our agent, Karen Nuemair, has a manuscript Anna and I created together. Please pray Anna’s name will be on the front cover of our first book together soon.)

What’s Next

Want to sparkle up your new year? We’ll be back in January with Deb DeArmond. You may recognize her form all her stuff on Focus on the Family. Deb and I talk about having a heavenly relationship with daughter-in-laws. Seems like a great topic for right after the holidays. Something to work on in the New Year. (BTW, This is not an announcement; I just like to plan ahead. You know, just in case. Hehehe.)

Plus Anna cohosts the show to talk about instilling and fanning ambition in your kids. Not that kids are ever lazy or unmotivated. Or heck, what about unmotivated mommies? Okay, you get the idea. As usual, Anna thinks outside the box.

We LOVE to hear from YOU!

What do you wish we’d talk about on FTR? Is there a topic your church seems afraid to address? Have you got some terrific ideas to share with us for the New Year? Any authors you wish I’d interview?

May we pray together?

Dear good Father, we often feel weak, but we know You are strong. Your strength is demonstrated when we trust You. Thank you that there is nothing we do alone while we are on this earth. You are constant companion and champion. Help us build families and faith to bless generations after us. Thank You for any progress we make. Thank You for quiet moments spent alone in Your presence. We praise You, O Lord! Bless us now because that is Your heart’s desire. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Holiday Reading and Other Ways to Spread Joy

If you want to start the New Year by spreading joy, here’s a couple fo great ways.

#1 Read One of Our Books.

First, you’ll see how gentle and practical our books are. Then, you’ll see how easy we make it to share a book and spread the joy of communication. Yep, Jesus loves us and wants us to know it!

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I know this probably comes off as sales-y to some folks. But inevitably when I go to look for a friend’s book its the week they leave it off their blog. Then, I get annoyed as I search further. For simplicity’s sake, I just try to include the links every week. I apologize in advance because I know I forget sometimes.

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#3 Know YOU are loved.

If you believe God loves YOU, you’ll have more joy and love to give others! Merry Christmas, dear one!

Cathy Krafve, host of Fireside Talk Radio and author of The Well: The Art of Drawing Out Authentic Conversations and Marriage Conversation: From Coexisting to Cherished. We welcome your stories, ideas, and questions at CathyKrafve.com.

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