New Year 2022: A Prayer for Us All

One thing I love about any new year, especially New Year 2022, is that there’s still time to make changes. Yep, we’re walking the earth, talking to our family and friends, generally doing the things humans do.

My grandchildren replace the states to honor those who died.Our prayer banner for Afghanistan families is still up into New Year 2022. When will we take it down? I don’t know. Not yet, that’s for sure. I refuse to forget.

Things to Keep Doing Right

New Year 2022 will include some things we did right. For instance, Dave and I will make family a priority again in 2022. My work will not rob me of time with my grandchildren. That’s a commitment I intend to keep.

What about you. Besides taxes, which only change for the worse, what are your plans? What will you do differently? What will you stay committed to?

Refuse to Forget

Maybe like me, you want to hold some people in your heart as we begin New Year 2022. Say, like the families grieving for their loved ones lost in Afghanistan. Me too.

Never in my lifetime have we left heroes behind with blatant disregard. I refuse to forget.

A Prayer for Us All

Seriously, I intended to skip blogging this week. For the first time since we began in 2017. You know, part of my New Year 2022 “carve out more creative time” commitment.

But, as soon as it got quiet, my heart filled up. With so much on my heart today, I decided to send you a prayer for us all instead of skipping. Join me in prayer, if you will.

God, Give Us Grace

Dear good Father, Have mercy on our beautiful country. Bless our leaders and elected officials with Your Spirit-inspired wisdom. Spread Your beautiful, loving, righteous Spirit across our land in the hearts of Your people. Clean out what is corrupt and evil throughout our great democracy. Teach us to listen to Your tender voice and obey You by making sacrifices for others.

For those who grasp at politics as an answer, help Christian people to unite around empathy and justice. Teach us to forego pretensions. Help us choose real compassion, not codependency. May we choose righteousness, not self-righteousness. Help us honor You in our hearts first, then everywhere else.

Give us leaders filled with humility and grace. Help us fearlessly identify those in our midst who are trustworthy for leadership.

Heal the brokenhearted. Bind up those who are wounded. Give us spirits as generous and loving as Yours.

Spur our imagination to dwell in empathy for those who fall down. Give us courage to embrace free will and take responsibility for our own decisions and attitudes. We want a revival of love for You, first in our own hearts, then in our nation.

Give us grace in our own families. Teach us to love each other with integrity, starting at home. Bless us now because that is Your heart’s desire. In Jesus’s name we pray. Amen.

Blessings to YOU in New Year 2022

Dave and I are grateful for friends who understand the value of catapulting great messages.In case you are looking for our books (folks tell me to make them easy to find for my reading friends), here’s an easy link.

Most of all, know how grateful to God I am each time I think of YOU. Your partnership together through all the positive messages we get to catapult into the universe means the world (to carry my galactic metaphors through). To me, YOU are a superhero.

May God have mercy on us and bless us all.



We LOVE to hear from YOU!

What will you change this year? Which attitudes or habits will you keep? In your daily life, what makes you sing praises of gratitude to God?

In case you are looking for our books (folks tell me to make finding them easy to find for my reading friends), here’s an easy link. And here’s easy way to join our Fireside Tribe.


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