Family Fatigue: Building Back Better Families in 2022 with Deb DeArmond

I wish I’d coined the phrase, family fatigue. But I borrowed it from a wise friend. I thought I’d find family fatigue all over the internet. But maybe my friend invented it. Just in time, I suspect.

Deb DeArmond joins Cathy Krafve to talk about better family relationships

Building Back Better Families

Are you a mother-in-law, daughter, sister, mommy? Or an aspiring writer? Did your holiday leftovers include a big dish of residual family frustration? I hope your goal setting for 2022 includes building back better relationships (speaking of borrowed phrases). 

If your extended family is on your mind as you start the new year, you’re gonna love today’s interview. I was thrilled when family expert Deb DeArmond agreed to come on the show.

Awkward Mom Moments With Grown Kids

However, I must confess. When I interviewed Deb our son wasn’t dating anyone. That’s definitely insider information. 

Oh-so-carefully, I avoided talking about son-in-laws. We’re wild about our sons-in-law. I didn’t want to put them on the spot. But heck, now our son has a girlfriend and I’m feeling really self-conscious. So, please enjoy today’s interview, along with a chuckle about how awkward this is for me now! Next week’s is even worse. Oh dear.

In this episode, Deb shares personal stories about being a 19-year-old bride and how they grew together for 46 years of marriage. Plus, she shares some great stuff about how not to be THAT mother-in-law. Find more Fireside Talk Radio podcasts.

Down-to-Earth Approach

Interviewing Deb, I’m standing in line behind some pretty experienced media folks, like Focus on the Family, for instance. Above all, I bet you love Deb’s down-to-earth, truth-telling attitude as much as I do. Or maybe her sense of humor. I’m a big fan.

With joy, she credits her dear friend with nudging her to start writing. 

“When my friend, Eve, one afternoon dared me to ask God if He wanted me to write, I was stunned,” reports Deb.

“Okay, fine!” Deb replied. But God had more surprises for Deb.

“I was stunned when He said, ‘Yeah. Hello. Welcome to the party.’” Yep, she credits God with a great sense of humor. 

Almost immediately, God revealed to Deb that she would be writing about mother-in-law, daughter-in-law relationships. 

“I felt really called to do it. So I wasn’t afraid to write it. That’s because I didn’t know what I didn’t know about writing books,” she adds, chuckling. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

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