Common Ground: Identifying the REAL Political Spectrum

Common Ground

First, prepare to get your mind blown. This video is guaranteed to give you a different way to think about the political spectrum!

Next, start enjoying better conversations with your family and community. You may be surprised to find you have a lot more common ground than you realize even with folks who like to think for themselves.

Re-Defining the Political Spectrum

In this quick video, I re-define the political spectrum in a way that makes it easier to find common ground — even among those who disagree on key issues. Find better definitions of liberal, moderate, and conservative here.

With Two Side of Self-Righteousness

By the way, there’s something important I forgot to say in the video. When people fall too far off the Political Spectrum Circle, they end up with self-righteousness on BOTH sides, no matter which direction they started from. Interesting, huh?

When you hear politicians and media types getting all self-righteous that’s a clue they are way off base. Clearly, we look for humility, common sense, and judiciousness in the folks we trust.

Also, there are many more hellish consequences of both extremes than I listed in the video. Including, lawlessness, oppression, anarchy, civil liberty violations, disrespect for human rights, to name a few more. Sound familiar? Sadly, yes.

Thinking For Ourselves, Thank You Very Much!

Of course, it’s no surprise to say we have many opinionated people in my own family, often with divergent views.

“We taught our children to think for themselves and then we were surprised when they didn’t agree with us,” as my mom, Ann Primer, used to say with a smile.

Anna joined me on some episodes to talk about how to raise kids who think judiciously and independently about politics. Perhaps, reading about true liberals, and true conservatives appeals to you, too.

Did you know you can be all three – liberal, conservative, and moderate – at once? You bet! You sure can be and you probably are all three yourself. FIND THE FULL ARTICLE

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