Control and Perfectionism: Surrendering For God To Do the Impossible with Michelle Lazurek, Her Wisdom

Women get to do a lot of things now and some of our adventures are overwhelming and scary. My theory is strong, successful women almost universally struggle with control and perfectionism. Michelle Lazurek shared some more insight. Find her story, Anxiety and Depression: I Surrender All (Sort Of).

Control and Perfectionism_Surrender_Michelle Lazurek_CathyKrafve.comMichelle Lazurek offers ideas to ramp up your surrender (and Your relationship with God).

“As women we get a lot thrown at us. A lot of times, we’re expected to do it all perfectly. And keep it all under control,” laughs Michelle. As if.

When Control and Perfectionism Don’t Work

Sure, we know control and perfectionism are no answers, but still we have questions. 

If we stop being perfect, who will hold our life together? Will anyone else guard my marriage? Who will keep loving my child who is messing up? Exactly when did anxiety replace joy in my life? When did I forget how to belly laugh?

“When you can’t control your thought life your emotions quickly follow,” reports Michelle.

Sometimes, control and perfectionism overwhelm us. But how do we exit the merry-go-round? Michelle shares how surrender changes everything.

“Surrender means I say, ‘I’m not the boss. But you are, God.’ Can I be honest? Surrender stinks.” Michelle Lazurek, from her book, I Surrender All (Sort Of): Laying Down Our Plans so God Can do the Impossible.

In this episode, Michelle shares more of her story of victory over deep depression and anxiety. As a pastor’s wife, she offers profound insight from her own personal experience. Don’t miss this collection of practical tips for getting off the anxiety merry-go-round. Find more podcasts Fireside Talk Radio, including Anxiety and Depression: I Surrender All (Sort Of) With Michelle Lazurek, Her Story.

Surrender Our Most Powerful Tool

Sure, we all still feel panicky sometimes, but do we have to live there 24/7? No, we do not. 

Surrender can be our most powerful tool to shake free of our own anxiety, isolation, and depression.

What Surrender IS

Surrender is NOT giving up and quitting, according to Michelle. Instead she describes pausing, taking a deep breath, and letting God meet you where you are. 

“Just let Him do what He’s going to do,” she says. “Because I’m so infatuated with wanting life go my way that I’m trying to manipulate and control circumstances all the time. When you can’t do that anymore you kind of lay down that thing.”

In her life, learning to surrender yielded amazing fruit. READ THE FULL ARTICLE



Praising God as We Go

I want to praise God for some recent blessings and invite YOU to join in future fun with these groups.

So that’s a big praise God for special friends and leaders: OCF‘s Terry Bates and John Trosclair and DIH‘s Grace English and Tammy Whitehurst.

Deep in the Heart (DIH) women’s conference brought together many old and new friends. We are praising Jesus for meeting us there! Now please pray for our leaders as they make plans to obey God for more Deep in the Heart adventures.

Finally, don’t miss the fun and insight of Gina Butler and Callie Lee as they bring their bring mother daughter hilarity to serious Bible wisdom. Confident Faith in an Anxious World.

May we pray together?

Dear good Father, how silly of us to think control and perfectionism can appease our wounded hearts! You created and love us in our humanity, including all our frailties and idiosyncrasies. Yet we often reject ourselves. Accidentally even. Then that self-condemnation spreads in our families and communities like a contagious virus. Help us, O Lord! Teach us to trust You. Help us know the real You. The loving, true God of the universe. We praise You, Jesus, now for your sacrifice on the cross releasing us from all condemnation. Teach us to walk in the forgiveness and grace You model like the good brother You are. Help us, beautiful Holy Spirit, to depend on Your unfailing love. Bless us now because that is Your heart’s desire. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

We LOVE to hear from YOU!

How has your idea about surrender changed? If you could rest in God’s love, what area needs surrendering in your life? How could surrendering to Jesus as YOUR Savior change your life today? God loves you and wants to be your trustworthy companion.

More Favorite Quotes:

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly.” ~Anonymous proverb

“Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity.” ~T. S. Eliot

“It is well with my soul.”~Horatio G. Spafford

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