Dark Place or Mommy Care? Oxygen and Comfort for Mom with Kristen Faith Evans, Her Story

All parents get in a dark place sometimes. All. Yet, when there is anything complicated with our kids, our life can go to a dark place in a big hurry.

Welcome to today’s interview with my new friend, Kristin Faith Evans. You are in for a treat in so many ways. I can always tell when a guest is going to share something really valuable. The enemy gets all worked up and throws tons of stuff our way. Please keep praying for Kristen as this blog releases. Thank you!

Kristin knows all too well how mommy care quickly becomes essential. LIke the oxygen we breathe.

Often when I call Kristin, she’s at the hospital with one of her beloved kids.

In this episode, Kristin shares about the anxiety and panic she felt about her children’s care. And how her bitterness spiraled into depression and helplessness. She shares more details about her suicide attempt and how God intervened. Next week, she shares about overcoming dark moments and finding joy in this day. Find these and more podcasts on Fireside Talk Radio.

Dark Place Turned to Light

Today, you’d never guess how God took Kristin from her dark place and turned her life into light for everyone else. Dark place? Kristin? Hard to imagine. 

Her heart reminds me of the bubbles my grandchildren love to chase laughing, focused on the next little orb of joy. She’s like a walking joy bubble blower.

She’s a writer, motivational speaker, LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker), wife to Todd. Yep, and the mother of two kids with rare genetic disorders. Oh, and she enjoys triathlons for a hobby. 

Training for Joy in Darkness

They went to grad school with a plan in mind; to go into full time ministry together. After five years of marriage, they found out they were pregnant with their first child. Naturally, they were overjoyed. 

But life was about to take a turn outside their plans. 

“Very quickly found out after he was born that he had an extremely rare genetic disorder. He was the thirteenth case in the world,” she explains.

He was very sick as a baby, on a feeding tube, in and out of the hospital. 

“That’s kind of where my journey as a mom began,” she reports. READ MORE OF KRISTEN'S STORY

May we pray together?

Dear good Father, even as we think about You, we know there are friends who suffer alone. They think You have abandoned them in their sorrow. But that is simply false. What is true, though, is life takes us to some dark places sometimes. In those moments, now, we call out on behalf of our sisters. We ask that You hear the cries of those who hurt, who feel overwhelmed, who feel like giving up. Remind them that You are ever present even in the darkest place. Thank You for the blessing of children, even with all the unexpected grief the accompanies being a parent. For those who crave children and don’t have them, we pray now for You to comfort. Give us words to comfort. Make us people who respond to sorrow with comfort. Fill us with Your beautiful Spirit so we can be light in the darkness, dear Father, like Your resurrected Son. In His name we pray, the beautiful, life-giving name of Jesus. Amen.



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