New Season of Hope: 3 Tips to Refresh Our Soul with Andy Clapp, His Wisdom

Okay, last week, I had no idea how perfect “New Beginnings” would bee! Are you also ready for a refresh? Aren’t we all! Today, award-winning author and pastor, Andy Clapp, returns to talk about how to refresh our own souls in this new season of hope. 

Andy Clapp gets married.Andy Clapp gets married to the love of his life, Crystal.

On a really personal note, my buzzy bee friends swarmed away to their new safe home. (Thankfully not to the hole in my roof!) I’m more sad about saying bye to my bees than about my front porch being a total loss due to the big storm.

Bee Keeping Friends with Cathy KrafveMy bees have a new home. I miss them. 🐝 More pix at the end of today’s blog. Special shout out to the Beekeepers of East Texas!

Find more pix at the end of today’s blog. Now, back to the important message from my new North Carolina friend, the amazing Andy Clapp. (And hi to Mary Eloise’s family in NC.)

Yep, our souls crave a new season of hope. We all need oxygen; sunshine for our soul. How do we refresh our own souls when it feels like life is suffocating us?

Andy shares 3 tips. He and our mutual friend, Michelle Medlock Adams, call this process, “Plant the Word, Pray the Word, Work the Word.”

“A lot of it is in what we see. What is it we see the most in our lives? Do we see the obstacles or do we see the opportunities?” Andy begins. 

In this episode, Andy shares many more personal details about his life. We laugh about hog wallers. Plus, he offers how to maintain real joy without pretensions. Find his story and more Fireside Talk Radio

3 Tips to Refresh Our Soul

Sometimes, we forget God is good all the time. I can be tempted to think God is “holding out on me,” to quote my friend Paula Quinn. Andy explains how three small changes in our mindset and habits can make all the difference. 

#1 Plant the Word

“Michelle actually came up with that idea,” Andy says. “Because we were talking about how we read devotionals sometimes and the information’s great, but what do you do with it?”

He explained how the idea of planting the word means to hide it in our hearts, i.e. memorize verses.

“Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You.” ~Psalm 19:11

Of course, memorizing verses forces us to ponder their meaning. Andy call memorizing scripture “writing the word on your heart.” FOR MORE TIPS FROM ANDY

One of my favorite quotes from Andy and Michelle's new book::

“Embrace the forgiveness of God. See yourself as forgiven so that you may shed the weight of what you no longer bear and shine the beauty that speaks of God’s eternal forgiveness.” ~From Springtime for Your Spirit: 90 Devotions of Hope, Joy, & New Beginnings

The Blessing of Random Conversation

Finally, Andy suggests conversation as a way to inspire others. Now, you know I can’t let THAT idea slip past!

“There are those people that we see so often and never stop to have a conversation with them,” he says. “Take a minute. Stop. Get to know them. They may need you that day. God may have put you in that very place on that very day to talk to that very person for a specific purpose.” 

Amen, brother!  And remember to Bee Kind! 🐝 🐝 🐝

I caught this rascally raccoon robbing honey from our bee tree back in 2017.I caught this rascally raccoon robbing honey from our bee tree back in 2017.



We LOVE to hear from YOU Beecause we LOVE YOU! 🐝

When has life crashed in on you? What have you done when unforgiveness drove you to a dark place? How do you choose to bee kind? 🐝

May we pray together?

Dear good Father, I am looking out my front window now and counting the blessings. Nobody got hurt. The bees are settled. My friends connect me with wonderful, godly folks who share their stories and wisdom with generosity and courage. You are good, even when storms rage. Thank You for blessing us, even when we are unaware of Your loving presence. Bless us now because that is Your heart’s desire! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Neighbors show up to help when our bee tree falls. Neighbors show up when our bee tree falls.

Happily (I Guess), Our Bees ❀️ πŸ

Happily (I guess), our healthy bees swarmed to their new home this week after their tree demolished our front porch. I can’t decide if I like the bees or their keepers best. So many bee keeping friends offered us help. I will really miss my special buzzy friends, but I gained a new respect for those who keep them! 🐝 🐝 🐝 A special shout out to Penn Bagnall, Steven, Randal Glaske, and Fred Pate. 🐝 ❀️ 🐝 ❀️ 🐝 ❀️

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