True Identity: the Power of Divine Design with Robin Melvin

Our modern codependent culture tells us it’s perfectly normal to reevaluate our own design. Then, to top it off, offers countless options to change whatever we feel uncomfortable about, including our own gender. Fortunately, God’s divine design includes the power of true identity.

Robin Melvin with Fall Foliage

How do we foster confident hearts in a culture that keeps telling us self-rejection is normal and healthy? The secret is knowing our true identity.

For my first guest in a series on identity, I invited Robin Melvin to speak to us about God’s divine design for each one of us.

At right, a darling selfie of Robin with Fall foliage. In Texas we’re grateful for cooler temps and some rain!

True Identity or Cultural Disintegration

Robin is no wimp. When I asked her about all this identity confusion in our culture, she immediately took up a big, churchy word. Sanctification. 

“Sanctification is this big, churchy word, but it’s really not that difficult,” says Robin with a gentle chuckle. “It just means to seek holiness. To seek after God and be set apart for His work. And to become like Christ; we were designed to. Genesis 1:26 tells us that we were made in the image of God.”

In this episode, Robin shares a bunch more on how forgiveness can look in families, including some ways she developed empathy for her heroic dad. In case you missed last week’s episode, you can find it here: Identity and Divine Design: Fostering a Confident Heart with Robin Melvin, Her Story.

True Identity: A Lifelong Journey

Then, Robin eloquently pulls together what it means for our culture when modern churches steer clear of teaching on this very crucial topic of true identity and sanctification.

“Yes, that’s key in our culture. Actually in the church culture unfortunately. I believe it is Oswald Chambers who mentions sanctification is taking on the qualities and characteristics of God.”

If not in church, where else will we be reminded to seek after God? Well, for those who crack open a Bible, it’s there, too.

“And He wouldn’t tell us to do it, if it wasn’t possible to seek after Him and to take on His characteristics and His qualities,” says Robin, reassuring our doubtful hearts. “And yes, it’s a lifelong journey. Because we will never obtain the fullness and holiness completely of God.

Robin’s got a good point.

In a way, I have to wonder: Is the current cultural disintegration directly related to how far removed Christians are from sanctification? I like the idea of changing the culture one good conversation at a time, especially about true identity.

Find the complete article and much more of Robin's wisdom.



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May we pray together?

Dear good Father, we know you love us. You delight in the design You gave each one of us. But sometimes we forget. We think we should make ourselves more tolerable to the world, a world intent on rejection. We blend in so one notices our own unique quirkiness. In all this fear and foolishness, we ignore Your truth: that You LOVE us. In fact, You see our value even when we reject ourselves. You provide direction for our life, if we let You. You heal us and help us reach the potential for which You designed us. Help us pass on the beautiful truth to our children that You love each of them, too. As we go about our day, help us spread the truth of Your love as gently and lovingly as we can. Bless us now because that’s Your heart’s desire. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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