Anatomy: A Lively Conversation About Identity and Vocabulary

One thing we all learn early, mommies of small children get a ton of anatomy lessons! Especially involving bodily fluids! Of course, boy moms especially talk about interesting stuff. With tons of laughter. 

Parenting: Raising Resilient Healthy Adults

Today, Anna and I talk about how medical vocabulary, like words for anatomy, can help our children succeed and set them up to love their own identity. And make us a better mommy and grandmother.

Honestly, I was a little skittish about using anatomy as our topic. 

“That’s why I’m so excited to be on the show with you. That seems like it could go really wrong, really fast,” laughs Anna. “Luckily, we’re talking about anatomy and reading.” 

Somehow reading makes everything more comfortable—even the trickiest conversations! At least to Anna and I readingmakes life better. Maybe you feel the same way. 

At the end of today's blog, to find out more about how we're changing the culture one conversation at a time. And don't forget to ask me about FREE resources for your small church.

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