How Abortion Damages the Church and Our Community with B.J. Garrett

B. J. Garrett, CathyKrafve.comAbortion damages the church, but most Christians don’t think about how the damage occurs. Imagine a patient with cancer who refuses to get diagnosed because he or she does not want to talk about such a difficult topic. For some reason, it seems Christians have a hard time talking about abortion in a tender, yet strategic way.

Gently, Please

Fortunately, folks like my friend B. J. Garrett are changing the way Christians talk about abortion. Can we talk about it gently? Of course. All it takes is a little insight and compassion. For our funny (okay, maybe I’m a little dorky) video about how CARE is changing the conversation about abortion, click here.

Abortion is Controversial

I guess I was naive. For starters, the original radio station I was contracting with for Fireside Talk Radio immediately dropped my show because of one taboo topic. Oh, that’s right. I forgot that there was a time when I, too, was afraid of the word abortion.

Families and churches suffer when we’re afraid to talk about what ails us. Not only that, the whole community is affected when Christians treat Jesus’ blood like it doesn’t cover some sins because, well, some sins are just too scandalous to talk about. Where can folks go for comfort, if not church?

No Topic is Too Taboo

I invited B.J. on my show to talk about abortion, in spite of the taboo. She shared her story in the most courageous and inspiring way you can imagine. Simply by telling the truth without bitterness or shame. 

B.J. has a resume most professionals would love to claim. I’m impressed because she served in a pastoral role in a Baptist church. That takes guts for a woman in East Texas. Currently, she serves as executive director of CARE, Christ-centered Abortion Recovery and Education.

On our show, B.J. shared how her childhood experiences include being trafficked for sexual exploitation. With compassion and hard-won grace, B.J. gently explains how her mother offered her in exchange for food and drugs. You can hear more of B.J.’s first-hand wisdom for free by listening to the podcast available on or by clicking on Taboo Topics: Serious Symptoms of Post-Abortion Syndrome with B.J. Garrett.

Truth Frees and Empowers Us All

This victorious and mighty woman of God shared how she shook free of her childhood experiences and became a powerful force in the fight to empower others. If you are struggling with the after-affects of abortion or love someone who is, you will love what B. J. and her team are doing at CARE. They joyfully point others to the path of freedom.

Many, but not all, CARE volunteers are post-abortive. Some share their stories publicly; while all appreciate the strict confidentiality of the ministry. In another episode of Fireside Talk Radio, What’s so Special about CARE?, B.J. addressed the myth that post-abortive trauma is not affecting whole Christian families and their churches.

Is Your Church Ready to Gently Talk about Abortion?

We talk to East Texas pastors all the time who are delighted to have help in breaking down the wall of silence. They love seeing post-abortive families reclaim freedom and joy in serving others. Your church can be involved in this worthy endeavor. CARE can send a team of volunteer experts to train or facilitate a post-abortion ministry anywhere.

You Can Help (And Have Fun!)

CARE and Confections, the annual gala happens at KE Bushman’s Celebration Center on Tuesday, February 6, 7:00-9:00 p.m. Click here to join us that evening. If you are wishing you could make a difference when it comes to abortion, contact B.J. (via CARE) to find out more about how people are quietly making a gentle difference behind the scenes on this very personal, but worthy topic.

May I pray for you?

Dear Father, O Compassionate One, look on us now with Your tender mercy, please! Our hearts break and yearn for the children we never got to hold. We trust You with their well-being in heaven until we meet them there. Until then, give us, O Lord, hearts to have compassion on ourselves and each other. Let us joyfully share the way to heaven through Your Son. Teach us to love one another with gentleness as we respect the difficult circumstances we all face in life. Teach us to be mighty warriors for those we love, offering forgiveness and restitution, victory, healing, and tenderness to any and all who come to Your church for help. Help us, O Lord! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

We love to hear from you!

What experiences have you had that taught you to be careful when others need compassion? How have you benefitted by a tender word?

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