Safe and Secure: Trusting Intuition When it Says Sexual Predator with Sandy Bristow

She called me a few months ago with a story to tell. Sandy Bristow’s story is all about trusting intuition. Of course, for some of us trusting intuition sounds good, but it’s harder than it ought to be. Subconsciously for most of us, we trust people we shouldn’t and fail at trusting intuition when alarms go off.

Trusting Intuition and Self-Protection

As a Christian, trusting intuition meant letting Sandy’s natural faith and love habitually guide her. Most people can relate to Sandy’s natural tendency to want to believe the best about every one. However, when a trusted professional took advantage of her in the guise of chiropractic treatments, her faith expressed itself in a whole different way; trusting intuition spelled self-protection. In the moment of crisis, fortunately Sandy’s instinctive trust of Jesus kicked in to rescue her from the sexual assault.

Sexual Assault, Intuition and Safety

Fortunately for us, Sandy shares practical details about how to know the difference between an accidental brush up and inappropriate groping. She makes the valid point that most women definitely know the difference instinctively. The trick is to run, not walk, to the nearest escape exit.

Yes, of course most health professionals are perfectly trustworthy, but as women how do we protect ourselves from a few bad apples? The truth is, professionals protect themselves and their patients when they follow standard protocol: have someone else nearby. The patient’s family member right outside the door or a staff member in the room to assist; there are many ways to keep women safe. Thus, too, professionals safeguard themselves against false claims of inappropriate behavior. This has been standard practice for school officials or pastors for decades. Why not in health professional settings, too?

Power in Jesus’ Name

In Sandy’s case, with pure instinct, she called on the name of Jesus in trusting intuition. Instantly, the predator released her and she ran out the nearest exit with a surge of adrenalin-laced prayer power. She’s okay in spite of the shock and trauma. But even better, Sandy is one smart cookie; a trained expert with years of experience ministering to women. So, she knew what to do next, including how to stand strong in the face of push back.

Sexual Addiction

Sandy shared how perpetrators are “lording it over their victims. Thankfully, when she “called on the Lord’s name,” the predator released her. Traumatized, she realized that not everyone is so fortunate. On the other hand, when she tried to report the assault initially, the professional governing board dismissed her, offering feeble excuses for his behavior. Because of her extensive education, though, Sandy understands the science behind sexual addiction. Therefore, out of compassion, she filed an official complaint that is now being investigated. It turned out she wasn’t the only person with a similar account.

Sexual addictions, like all forms of addictions, progress to more dangerous forms of stimulation, she explains. This creates a dangerous environment for women whether it’s at home or work.

Tough Topics: Tools So We Can Talk

We all want to put a dent in the devil’s aggressive, hostile attacks of violence toward women and men. Sandy heard about the work we are doing on Fireside Talk Radio to give folks tools to talk about difficult topics. In Sandy’s case she wanted other women to know the nature of sexual assault.

People who meet Sandy Bristow recognize immediately that she’s all about other people. Strong to her core, she has a long history of helping others. For instance, she’s made her home a safe-haven for those who seek her out.

In an episode we called Intuition and Safety: Trusting Our Gut When it Says Sexual Predator, this highly educated, gifted woman offers the legal definition of sexual assault and much more. As she succinctly sums up God’s love of justice, Sandy shares one profound insight after another. If you or someone you love has been fondled, groped, or raped, her wisdom will equip you to seek justice.

Healing in Community

The most important thing after sexual assault is healing for the victim. In a second episode called Intuition and Safety: The Value of Intuition and Healing in Community, she explains that most women who’ve experienced sexual assault have a form of PSTD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Trauma actually physically damages the brain of the victim. Since the statute of limitations is 5 years on sexual assault, it’s important to seek help right away.

“Isolation is where the devil takes you to go in for the kill,” she says, emphasizing that although our instincts tell us to isolate when trauma happens, the best thing we can do to recover is to find people we trust and get help, “Healing happens in community, not isolation.”

Justice God’s Way

“God gave us an instinct. We are created to have an inner knowing. God gave us (believers) His Holy Spirit.”  Even so, she explains that because God is a God of justice, His justice is foreign to our way of thinking.

“We’re looking for fairness. We’re looking for revenge,” she chuckles. Instead, we need to trust Him for the highest and best justice. Only then can we experience all God has planned for us.

May I pray for you?

Dear Father, so many women have been assaulted and somehow recovered with justice and victory. As Your amazing women, we look to You for guidance and comfort in any and every hurt place. Help us be watchful for each other and trust our gut. Teach us to listen to Your Spirit when You warn us to be wary. Comfort our broken and frightened hearts. Surround us with people who love us, creating a safe community for our families. Strengthen those who love us as they look for ways to live tenderly with us. Give us courage to speak boldly to this threat, always calling on Your mighty name. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

We love to hear from you.

What has experience taught you about safety? Can you offer some great  advice for other women about staying safe? Will you send us your best tips for finding the right community of friends?

I have a Prayer Request

Next week, I submit my latest manuscript in a contest. The book is called: Be Heard, Being a Woman of Pure Influence in a Messy, Messy World. They may change the title, of course. The grand prize is a publishing package. What a blessing to  find a great publishing partner! Publishers do the important work of editing, picking book covers, networking, giving legal advice, etc. Please pray, if God is pleased to do so, that I find favor, and yes, even win. I know it’s asking a lot, but I always ask God for what I want. If He says no, so be it. I trust Him to have my best interests at heart as I write to His glory. I am grateful for your prayers. More than I can say.

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