Freedom for Men: Winning the Battle for Purity with Dave Howe

Dave and Barb Howe CathyKrafve.comEvery where we look, only a phone screen away, it seems the porn battle has taken over our culture. Is there anything a woman can do to help safeguard the hearts of her sons and her husband?

Winning the Porn Battle

Would you go on the radio and talk about porn? If it meant our culture could win the porn battle, would your mind change? What would you do if you found a stash of porn on your spouse’s laptop or in a son’s drawer?

“In our groups we are getting men that are younger and younger. In fact, we are getting men who are twenty who have been looking at porn for ten years,” says author and speaker, Dave Howe.

Live Pure and Free
Live Pure and Free

Fortunately for the rest of us, husband and wife team Dave and Barb Howe are sharing how to win the porn battle. These two brave souls came on Fireside Talk Radio recently to give us strategies that will work in our homes and churches. Dave is the author of Live Pure and Free, the 90-Day Game Changer. He can be reached at Barb has a blog for those with a grandmother’s heart, Spiritual Legacy Memoir.

When A Wife Discovers Porn

“I was at a loss for what to do, but God is good,” says Barb, as the reality dawned on her that her beloved husband was struggling with porn. Instead of giving up or considering divorce, she took inspiration from other godly women. She searched the scripture for every reference about marriage she could find. Then, she began to pray those verses of truth over her marriage, trusting God to work in His own way.

Purity and Purpose

Within weeks, Dave came home and announced he had signed up for a men’s conference. At the conference in 2004, he began to reclaim his mind for God’s purpose and for purity.

“While I was going through (the group), I thought this is something we need back at my church.” Soon he was leading groups of men. Years later, with men successfully winning the battle against porn addiction in group after group, Dave shares some of the things that work best.

Help for the Weary

Even if your church does not yet offer help, “It’s critical for a guy to find an accountability partner,” Dave says. He recommends finding someone who can commit to a mentor-type relationship; someone who has a good relationship with his wife.

In fact, Dave’s book is perfect for small groups or personal use. It’s a workbook-style manual with chapters that include, The Man Cave, Armor in Place, and God Quest. Each inspiring chapter is so short, you could read it at a stop light (not that reading and driving is ever a good idea!)

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I’m so grateful for these two warrior-hearted souls, courageously taking on this hot-button topic. Dave brings his battlefield mentality to the challenge and he’s backed up by a prayer warrior wife. What a blessing for the rest of us!

May I pray for you?

Dear Father in heaven, we are overcome with images bombarding us in this world of technology. How can a family expect to find shelter from the deluge? We need You to give us minds that seek purity and purpose. Have mercy on us, O Lord, as we strive to protect our families from attack. Give us discipline to turn away from temptation. Surround us with friends and prayer warriors who will join the battle with us for purity. Teach us to value wholesomeness in all our relationships. Help us to see each other as Your children, brothers and sisters. Strengthen our marriages in every way, so that all our needs are met with intentional tenderness and loving respect. Protect our marriages and our children. We depend on You. We pray in Jesus’s name. Amen.

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