Raising Creative Kids: Giving Them a Childhood Filled with Wonder, with Whitney Patterson

“Right now, my daughter is very into butterflies and bugs. We’re always looking them up and making charts,” she laughs.

A Childhood Filled with Wonder

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So, what does it take to give our kiddos a childhood filled with wonder? Knowing that Whitney comes from a family of dynamic, joyful women, I couldn’t wait to get her on Fireside Talk Radio and ask her what it takes to inspire passion for life-long learning in our homes.

Whitney’s List of Inspiration for Life-long Learning 

#1 Whitney says her mom was never restricted by limitations. “She got her hands into everything,” she laughs.

#2 Her mom was very inquisitive. Seeing their mom’s joy in learning “inspired us at a very early age” to be inquisitive as well.

#3 Plan family vacations around learning.  Her mom planned “fun, creative things along the way with every trip.” Sometimes, the cheapest vacations were the very best, she says.

#4 Creating memories that inspire them to want to learn more was a hallmark of her childhood, she adds.

#5 Do the things that may seem different from everyone else’s perspective.

Innovation and Creativity Fostered Here

Once Whitney mentioned it, I realized innovation and creativity are fostered in families when we think, travel, and play outside the box. In fact, the “different” stuff about a family can be the very things that mean our kids grow up to be the unique, engaging people God intended them to be.

Don’t Overcommit Your Family

Finally, Whitney offers one more valuable bit of wisdom she gathered along the way: Don’t overcommit your schedule.

“Not to discount organized activities, we just found that we were so busy we spent some evenings without looking each other in the eye. You have to limit (outside activities) or they just take over,” she says. “I’m starting to see a couple of my friends who are doing the same thing. She suggests church as an ideal place to find other families who want to meet up and relax together. Un-programmed moments are healthy for young families to cultivate imaginative hearts, according to Whitney. For young moms out there that feel overwhelmed  with busy schedules, Whitney’s words are a relief.

Inspiring Collaboration Among Community Partners

Whitney also did an episode with me about how nonprofits and educational institutions can collaborate, Fostering a Community Filled with Scientific Discovery. This is one of Whitney’s special skill sets, so don’t miss her wisdom if you want to influence your own community in exponential ways.

May we pray together?

Father in heaven, all around us, we see proof of Your creative Spirit. What an amazing Creator You are, O Lord. We praise You. Thank you for giving us another generation of young people who can experience joy in creativity and innovation. What do You have for us to enjoy today, dear One? How can we honor You in our most creative and joyful expressions? Teach us to reflect Your glory and love. Help us collaborate together for the benefit of all. Give us wisdom as we inspire those around us, especially those we love in our own families and communities. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

We love to hear from you!

What is happening currently in your community that inspires you? How did creativity blossom in your family when you were growing up? Is there a special way you encourage your kids to innovate?

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