Passion and Purpose with Alise Cortez, 5 Tips, 3 Questions

Finding a path to passion and purpose can be challenging. Alise Cortez found her path to passion and purpose in the most unexpected way.

Unexpected Path to Passion and Purpose

One day, her boss fired her from the job she loved. Only nineteen, until that moment, she was feeling every bit the little country girl making it in the big city. His reason for firing her? He saw something bigger for her life than anything she could imagine for herself.

“You have to get out of here, see the world, do something with yourself. But, before you go, hire your replacement,” he said as he left for lunch.

“I was devastated,” she says now with a chuckle. But, he was right. To find her passion and purpose, first she had to become less complacent. 

With the holidays opening up some time away from the office, it’s a great time to grab ahold of our big life goals before the New Year slams us with the usual activity.

A Clearing for Myself

Once she was free of her preconceived lifestyle, Alise more than fulfilled her boss’s expectations for her future. In fact, she went on to earn a bachelor’s degree, two master’s, and a doctoral degree. She lived in two foreign countries, traveled all over South and Central America and has delivered professional work to almost every continent.

Alise recently shared on an episode of Fireside Talk Radio how unexpected events can unleash us to pursue our passion and purpose in life. In another example, when her marriage came to an abrupt end, she determined not to waste the opportunity. Her divorce was a “getting fired, you can go now, kind of thing,” she says. While unwanted, the divorce, proved to be a hidden blessing.

“It rocked me out of that place of complacency that comes from having a comfortable life.” Or, as she puts it, the change in her circumstances “yielded a new clearing for myself.” She began to re-calibrate her life in the most beautiful way possible. Now she travels the globe offering help to those who are “asleep at the wheel.” We’re not talking country music here; Alise delivers insight that allows people to create meaning in their work and life, instead of just going through the motions.

One Precious Life

“What will you do with your one precious life? You just get one shot at this thing,” says Alise, “It’s really up to us to cultivate meaning.” Interestingly, she’s noted refreshing tendencies for people who’ve embraced a life of creating meaning.

“When leaders find their own purpose, they’ll be much more authentic, interesting, and irresistible,” says Alise. “At the same time, those kind of purpose-driven leaders become really good at being able to acknowledge the value of any contribution that their team members provide to the organization. That is incredibly enticing for people.”

For those who feel like they are just going through the motions, what advice does Alise have? She says purpose takes time to develop and recognize, but we can reconnect with our passion pretty quickly.

Discovering Passion – 5 Tips

To reignite passion in your own heart, Alise suggests trying these simple tips:

#1 Look for awe in your day. What do you admire and appreciate? Train yourself to be alert for it.

#2 Look for a human and say something beautiful. “I look for and intentionally tell them something amazing, like ‘You’re beautiful’” she says, “It blows them back; they hardly ever hear that. I want that ripple effect. I want her (a stranger) to have a better day.”

#3 Be playful. Alise endorses letting ourselves be gleeful, like small children. She shared an example of pretending the trees drop leaves for us to catch, using our imaginations the way children do.

#4 Gratitude is enormous. Alise suggests keeping a “Gratitude Pad” next to the bed and writing down three things that you are grateful for at the end of each day.

#5 Cultivate our senses. Making use of all senses – sight, smell, taste, touch and audio – will help us get back in touch with our interests and passions, according to Alise. Rather than feeling like “the walking dead,” she emphasizes cherishing and honoring our own pleasure in small things.

“I like languages, it’s stimulating for me to hear the human voice rendered in different languages,” Alise says, as an example of ways we can learn to relish the things that fascinate us.

Discovering Purpose – 3 Questions

Alise shared so many amazing ideas, I heard myself saying, “I love this!” throughout the interview. I really wanted more time with her. Please go to our podcasts and listen in for yourself!

On the topic of finding purpose in our lives, Alise says purpose takes time to discover. But, she offers three questions that can tune you in when it comes to cultivating a life of purpose:

#1 Is there a nasty problem in the world that you want to help solve? Look for service to something bigger than yourself, she adds.

#2 In the process of serving a bigger purpose, Alise asks (referencing Erin Hurst), “Are you growing and stretching yourself?”

#3 Finally, are you creating a community as you serve?

“You are completely in control of how you perceive the moments that happen, how you let them inspire you to live a life of passion to touch other people to make them better,” emphasizes Alise. “What will you do with your one precious life?” You can find much more wisdom from Alise on her podcasts and radio program, Working on Purpose.

May I pray for you?

Dear Father in heaven, You designed each of us for a unique purpose. Sometimes it feels like we are just going through the motions. Yet, You designed us to cherish this time on earth and then, to cherish eternity spent in Your presence. Help us tune in to the pleasures and interests that spark our imagination, especially the ways we can serve others. For this dear reading friend, I ask that You would spark a child-like playfulness today. Allow us to enjoy the air we breath, the quietness in our hearts, and the company of others. Open our eyes to ways we can serve a bigger purpose to Your glory. We are Your grateful children. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

We love to hear from you!

How does your imagination inspire you to delight with child-like joy? When do you find time to carve out a clearing for yourself? What are your favorite tips for focusing on passion and purpose in your life?

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